NYPD Getting Out of the Gay Cruising Sting Business?


You sort of get the feeling that, only in New York would police waste precious man hours and taxpayer resources arresting men in gay porn shops after allegedly approaching them with a sex-for-cash offer. Or maybe the real truth is that, only in New York would the police commissioner criticize the stings and demand change.

Which is exactly what NYPD Commission Ray Kelly did. Thanks to the press backlash (and the protesters outside Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s house), Kelly’s new rule says any similar operations much get cleared by the chief of the Organized Crime Control Bureau. Which doesn’t mean the possibly unlawful stings are gone for good, and it might just be a ploy to satisfy the press, but we appreciate a police chief who’s open to shaming his own department into abandoning discriminatory practices.

Especially from a police department responsible for shit like this.

Meanwhile, Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau is calling for heads.

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