NYPL’s Gay Archive Going Digital

Homo history’s about to get more accessible. The New York’s Public Library’s gay supporters have been busy organizing [email protected], which will spearhead digitalizing the library’s queer archives, including pioneering gay rags, like One.

The goal, [co-chair Carey] Maloney said, is “to get everything cataloged and digitized and to get an endowment” for the care and maintenance of the collections.

Mr. Maloney is to announce at a party at the library this evening that the committee has raised $1.5 million so far. Time Warner has pledged $300,000. The MAC AIDS Fund has pledged $150,000 to improve public access to materials dealing with HIV and AIDS. Estée Lauder Companies has pledged $30,000.

Make-up companies funding a queer library? How fitting.

Non-New Yorkers, you lucky saps, can check out the [email protected] blog. (We love the Gran Fury archive!) New Yorkers, get off your ass and go to the library. Lazy.