NY’s Trans Inmates Have The Power

Alright, back to the news.

Things are pretty sweet for New York state’s trans inmates. Except for that prison part…

Transgender youth in New York’s juvenile detention centers are now allowed to wear whatever uniform they choose, be called by whatever name they want and ask for special housing under a new anti-discrimination policy drawing praise from advocacy groups.

The policy went into effect March 17, the day Gov. David Paterson was sworn into office. Last month, Paterson directed all state agencies to recognize same-sex marriages legally performed elsewhere as valid in New York.

Paterson spokesman Errol Cockfield said the policy reflects the state’s intent to be “tolerant, responsive and respectful” of gender identity and gender expression issues.

The new policy prohibits staff from asking residents about their sexual orientation or gender identity and says any disclosure must be voluntary. It also directs staff to talk to youth who decide to reveal their gender identity.

Could this be “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” at its best?