NYTimes Trashes Christian Siriano Show by Twitter, BF Brad Walsh Responds

christian-sirianoIf you follow New York Times‘ “The Moment” twitter account, you might have noticed this particularly bitchy tweet, yesterday: “Going through mountains of New York fashion week invitations. Just received Christian Siriano invite (2/19 6 p.m.). Who wants it?” It’s one thing to not attend, it’s another to announce it via Twitter. Anyway, Siriano’s boyfriend and photographer Brad Walsh was not having it, and responded to The Moment’s shadiness through his blog.

Walsh wrote:

“That was kind of surprising, both because the New York Times already confirmed specific attendance before that message was even posted, and because… well, that’s really rude and a bit trashy coming from a source affiliated with the Times. I’m not a stranger to fashion week, and I know that there are plenty of “non-transferable” invitations to shows that are indeed ultimately transferred. But to go onto the internet and post an item asking “who wants it?” to a list of many thousands of Twitter followers? That’s really just unnecessary and annoying. The last thing this show needs is an army of random Twitterers thinking they have a chance getting in, or some sixteen year old having access to the RSVP info. Some of Christian’s young fans already found my phone number on the internet and call more often than is probably healthy, just on the chance that maybe they will get to hear him in the background.

As soon as I told Christian about it, he followed up with his people and soon The Moment posted: “I’m not going… So let me see if I can pass this off to one of you guys. —JP [Jonathan S. Paul, according to the website]” and then, minutes later, “Christian Siriano’s press person wasn’t into it. Sorry… Let you know if that changes. What NYFW invite do you guys want the most?”

Way to class it up, JP.”

Everyone loves the personal connection of Twitter, but we wonder how many papers are going to realize that instant access to the web is something they might not want to give to all their high-strung fashion corrspondents.

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