NZ Church Shows How To Combat NOM’s “Harassment” Claims In MN

THE SHOT – The gaydar board that St. Matthew’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand used to highlight ongoing Anglican discrimination against LGBT clergy. Someone recently vandalized it, which reminds us of the American church whose rainbow flagpole got vandalized six times. So how will this help us fight NOM in the 2012 Minnesota marriage battle exactly?

NOM is trying to build a narrative of queers harassing “marriage defenders” in order to keep from disclosing its probably crooked financing schemes. Luckily Minnesota ain’t buying it:

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board rejected the National Organization for Marriage’s bid to keep corporate donors anonymous in the state’s gay marriage fight, which it argued was to protect the donors from “harassment, property damage, a chilling effect.”

We should point out that supporters of marriage equality get harassed for their politics as well and yet aren’t ashamed to publicly disclose their financial contributions on behalf of civil rights.

That’s what Jesus would do, britches.