O-Zone Members in Master/Slave Love

O-Zone Topp.jpeg

Pleasing fans of the Numa Numa dance and satisfying boy-band orgy fantasies for gay men everywhere, members of the European supergroup O-Zone are reportedly involved in a gay master/slave relationship with each other.

O-Zone lead singer Dan Bălan, a.k.a., “Danito Dominant,” is the master of Arsenium, a.k.a. “Arsenicum,” both having registered on www.slave4master.com.

Arsenicum’s profile
Danito Dominant’s profile


O-Zone scored a hit with their song “Dragostea din Tei,” which was made famous in America by Gary Brolsma‘s hysterical lip-sync referred to as “The Numa Numa Dance.” But while just a gimmick in America, the song was a multi-platinum hit in Europe; Arsenium has moved on to compete in the Eurovision contest, the huge music competition on scale with American Idol.

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0,1020,441299,00.jpegIn the name of investigative journalism, we registered for the site–our name is “americaboy,” say hi if you see us online–and checked things out. The profiles look pretty authentic, with pictures that are more personal than what the average fan would be able to get. Dan’s site is written in some language we can’t interpret, nor can we make use of web-based translation services; but Arsenium’s profile is in English, and states he likes to give massages, be “abused for your pleasure,” and the standard slave fare. Safe-sex only, please. (Good boy!)

Arsenium also states he and Dan are in a relationship, but Dan gives him permission to “play” when they’re not together. And Arsenium seems to enjoy his playtime; while Dan’s last login was in January, Arsenium was last online March 8. Busy busy.

There’s always the doubt that it’s all a publicity stunt to help Arsenium in the Eurovision contest, or a nasty scandal created by one of his fellow competitors (or a ploy by Clay Aiken’s publicists to move the gay-scandal buzz onto someone else), but it seems like this is legit. We hope they’ve found true love together, and we wish them many happy spankings.