Oakland Gay Men’s Chorus office vandalized with homophobic graffiti

The Oakland Gay Men’s Chorus has reported that vandals have defaced a banner outside their California offices.

In a post on Facebook, the chorus shared that someone scrawled “die f*gs die” in what appears to be marker across the bottom of the sign. The vandalism appears to have happened sometime late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

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“In the past there has been discussion about keeping the Gay in the chorus name; that maybe it was time to change because so much progress has been made in our society,” the chorus said in a Facebook statement. “Seeing and reading the despicable defacing brings home the need to continue to be present and that the fight for respect and quality continues. We are figuring out the best way to get rid of the offensive markings and restore our banner to its previous condition. Hopefully this was a one-time event, but we will be vigilant.”

The chorus is appealing to readers to report any information anyone might have about the vandals. Already the group has received an outpouring of sympathy online, including offers to have the sign reprinted.