Obama Again Ups Evangelical Ante

There’s a holy war brewing here in the States.

Republican presidential nominee John McCain flew to Ohio last week to woo the traditionally right wing bloc, but rival Barack Obama’s intent on trumping McCain’s efforts:

Between now and November, the Obama forces are planning as many as 1,000 house parties and dozens of Christian rock concerts, gatherings of religious leaders, campus visits and telephone conference calls to bring together voters of all ages motivated by their faith to engage in politics. It is the most intensive effort yet by a Democratic candidate to reach out to self-identified evangelical or born-again Christians and to try to pry them away from their historical attachment to the Republican Party.

Obama, who will speak in Ohio today, hopes to use the power of Christ to compel voters to heal the rifts that have for so long divided the electorate.

While not all Evangelicals will flock to the Senator, many observers predict a fairly good turnout:

Mark DeMoss, a public relations executive who represents Franklin Graham and other church leaders and conservative religious organizations, said recently that Mr. Obama could conceivably win as much as 40 percent of the evangelical vote.

“He is going to do reasonably well,” Mr. DeMoss said, “and that is due to a combination of things. One of them is a lack of passion and enthusiasm for John McCain among a lot of these folks, and Obama seems to be doing the right kinds of things to reach out to them.”

From his lips to God’s ears…