Obama As First Gay President?

Longtime journalist Wayne Besen recently wondered when we’ll have our first gay president. History student and aspiring journo Shaun Jacob Halper, meanwhile, thinks Barack Obama may be the ticket:

If Bill Clinton was, as Toni Morrison once argued, our first Black president, could Barack Obama be our first gay? Is Obama the hope lesbians and gays have been waiting for — and if not, why should all Americans care?

Gays are still objects of amusement or fear or hostility, but little else. As one scholar put it over a decade ago, “No one wants to be called a homosexual.”

No one, perhaps, but Obama. Obama is rewriting and reframing the cultural discourse on gay and lesbian rights… Obama is creating the cultural conditions within which political, legal, and social change can take place.

Sounds like young Halper’s got himself a bit of a crush.