Obama Asks Man If He’s Gay, Then Bumps Fists With Him

enhanced-buzz-7455-1405212562-15During his visit to the cultural mecca of Austin, Texas President Obama stopped by to sample the famous cuisine at Franklin Barbeque. Sounds innocent enough, but the air was soon filled with gay sex — or at least the conversation was. Daniel Rugg Webb, a 32-year-old comedian-musician, who also works as a cashier at the eaterie, wasn’t about to let an opportunity to nudge the leader of the free world to do even more for LGBT equality.

BuzzFeed reports the following exchange took place between the two men on July 10:

“Equal rights for gay people!” he exclaimed.
Obama reacted without missing a beat. “Are you gay?”
Taken aback by the directness of the question, he said, Webb responded, “Only when I’m having sex!”
The president laughed, then, realizing there was a group of children near the two, said, “Not in front of the kids!”
The two men bumped fists and that was that.

“As a comedian, it was cool to have a moment where I was making a sitting president laugh — over something that might be considered inappropriate is a bonus,” Webb told BuzzFeed later. He also mentioned that he’d hoped to get in a dig at Rick Perry, the state’s antigay governor who may run for president in 2016, but it didn’t pan out.

“I would like to see Rick Perry negatively influenced by any kind of attention,” he added. “Even Obama laughing at something as, hopefully, acceptable as sexuality can show the difference.”


Photo credit: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

H/t: BuzzFeed

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  • NG22

    “Only when I’m having sex.” That’s a good one. Very funny.

  • jonjct

    i’m cringing a 20 out of 10. eww, the so called “leader of the free world” exchanging info about some store clerks sex life and laughing about it is just awful. this is nauseating. and oh, you call obama a “leader”, well, no, no actual leader would do this. but a social worker from chicago would. and why is he cracking jokes with store clerks when crisis is all around him? i’m paying $4.15 for gas in Connecticut. does he have an energy policy? can he do anything other than crack jokes with the only constituency that still likes him (stupid, stepford gay people. he cannot wait until his “presidency” is over and, neither can we. it’s way too much for him. he has no clue what to do. what a loser.

  • middleagespread

    @jonjct: so, how do u really feel? Lol. Don’t think it will be much better any time soon.

  • Stache99

    @jonjct: Sorry I know that you wanted Mitt Romney to win but the president doesn’t control OPEC gas prices.

  • tardis

    @jonjct: Lol, anyway.

    This is amusing! I love this story.

  • Ridpathos

    @jonjct: Lighten up dude, and get a life.

  • enlightenone

    @jonjct: And you are a winner? JONJCT thanks you Mr. President for millions of Americans getting healthcare, pulling this country out of a republican-induced economic depression, ending a war of lies that took the lives of thousands of Americans and people in arms way, the rights and protections of women, advocating for the nation’s children, advancing gay civil rights, gay marriage, providing much needed benefits for our families, dismantling DADT, “evolving” when it matters most; normalizing the humanity of this young, self-accepting gay man! What fun it had to be for both of you! Much of the work you have done, Mr. President allows JONJCT the leisure time to show his misdirected rage!

  • stanhope

    @jonjct: Doll go find a corner and go sit in it. If you think McCain would have given you Nirvana then you are just too dumb to engage. Now face the wall and start coloring in your coloring book.

  • Queer4Life

    This is disgusting. Yet another photo op “My numbers are falling what can I do? Oh I know I will bump fists with a gay guy.”

    • enlightenone

      @Queer4Life: Dear DUMB4life…

  • Lefty

    Isn’t two dudes ‘fist-bumping’ still illegal in some states?

  • wccb50

    Wow, you are just so blind to everything. And if you want to know why you paying so much for gas, blame your republican friends for starting wars, and now destabilizing that entire region, which makes gas go higher. and gas isnt that high. I live in CT to.

    • Queer4Life

      @wccb50: And what about the war’s started in George Bush’s 4th term… Oops I mean Obama’s second term. I can’t believe people actually still think there is a difference between the republicans and democrats. Both parties are paid off by major corporations. In fact the same people are funding both parties. And lets not forget who really controls both governments and corporations. Hello! Edward Snowden ring a bell. I mean come on we know for a fact that the Intelligences agencies are tapping politicians both in the US and abroad, we know they are tapping corporations.

      Given all the evidence that these people are not good guys do we really for one second think that the intelligence agencies are not blackmailing CEO’s and politicians? If you believe that I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

  • Lefty

    Obama may be just as culpable as Bush with regard to approving the use of drones etc and killing innocent people abroad regardless of age or sexuality, but hey he also approves of gay people getting married to other gay people and that’s the important thing!
    Let’s fist bump!!!

  • Queer4Life

    @Lefty: I appropriate black and blue humor just as much as the next queer… Oh hell who am I kidding that was so sick I actually laughed out loud. “Obama may be murdering children but hey at least we got gay marriage out of the bargain.”
    That’s so sick I had to laugh or I was going to cry.
    Fist bump!!!

  • Desert Boy

    The cultural mecca of Austin, TX? Now that’s funny.

  • wccb50

    O really, the last time i checked Obama actually took us out of Iraq. And decreased the number of troops in Afgan. So check your facts buddy.

  • BitterOldQueen

    @jonjct: LOL @ “What a loser”…seems to me he won against your “winners” twice in a row, hon, thanks to significant majorities of American voters making their opinion known.

  • wip

    Obama love .i am azerbaijan

  • Sansacro

    @Queer4Life: How do you clean that big brush you paint the world with!?

  • enlightenone

    @Lefty: Glad Dumb4Life admires you! Wouldn’t want either of you to be alone!

  • JennyFromdabloc

    @jonjct: @Queer4Life: President Barak Obama is the best friend we have ever had in the White House. You both take yourselves way too seriously.

  • Charli Girl

    OMG!!! He is so lucky lucky!! Just once I wanna hug that man neck!! He has the best smile EVER!! Love my Prez!!!

  • vive

    @Lefty, @Queer4life, agreed, the president who is smoothing the way for world rule by corporations with the TPP, who signs off on extrajudicial executions by drone of civilians, who supports the “right” of Israel to kill 1,000 Palestinian civilians for every Israeli death, and who has persecuted more whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined, shares jokes with gay people so he must be a cool guy.

  • Lvng1tor

    The best part of this whole thing is watching the Conservs and Tp’ers loose their shit trying to spin this like it’s the downfall of America…

  • dre23222

    @Lvng1tor, you are a very handsome man. Hows are you?

    [email protected]

  • SteveDenver

    Thank you Daniel!

  • hotshot70

    why did Obama feel he had to ask that? Hey Obama, are you black? And then he wants to act like “meet my gay friend”. It is backhanded to gorup people by race or preferences. Here is my black friend, my Asian friend, my Hispanic friend, My gay male friend, and my lesbian friend. Enough!

  • Queer4Life

    @enlightenone: @Sansacro: It’s called being anti-war no matter who the president is. Obama is a politician which means by definition he is a liar, and thief at best. Let’s not forget though that this is the same guy who likes to watch drone strikes live for his amusement. I just love how some people are anti-war when there is a republican in office, yet they can over look war when its “their” warmonger in office. Lets not forget that this douche is so friendly to the Queer community that he threw the book at Chelsea for giving his administration a black eye.
    Voting doesn’t work because the sociopath running for office is going to lie and say whatever it takes to get power. Then they will make some token gesture like pulling troops out of Iraq while starting 3 other wars.
    For Fraks sake sometimes I look around and wonder if I was the only one who lived through the AIDS scare. When did these enema bags become our friend? When they started lying to us telling us how they are on our side while stabbing us in the back? Here is a reality check. Take two news stories one about bush and one about obama. Use a word processor and change bush’s name to obama and obama’s name to bush and see if that changes your view on the article. If it does then maybe you need to develop some critical thinking skills.
    @Lvng1tor: I do have to say watching the conservatives heads explode is the one upshot. That part is always fun.

  • James Hart

    @vive: @hotshot70: You’re both right. I cringed when Obama asked, “Are you gay?” What difference does it make. Maybe he was a str8 dude who supported gay rights. And you’re right about the foreign policy and economic blunders of both the corporatist Democrats and Republicans. But: Obama did support gay marriage, so on that one point, I thank him.

  • Queer4Life

    @BitterOldQueen: Bush won twice. I guess that makes him a winner too.

  • blackberry finn

    People don’t like ambivalence but it’s the reality–and will always be the reality–of any President or leader, or human, for that matter. We deservedly praise Obama for his pro-LGBT policies and at the same time acknowledge him as a corporatist puppet. That’s life, folks. There’s nothing to argue about. It just is.

  • OzJosh

    “Not in front of the kids”! Americans truly are pathetic when it comes to sex. No wonder you’re all so screwed up.

  • money718

    Thanks Obama, but ready for someone new.

  • northwest

    A big BRAVO for enlightenone’s comment @1:28 am, my sentiments exactly. Screw the misguided haters, President Obama will be remembered as one of our finest presidents. Wish he had eight MORE years.

  • Cam


    Ahhhhh, the fake outrage of the right. Rather than doing anything, they just sit back and pretend to be “Outraged” at one thing after another.

    Let me guess, Fox will report that Obama gave a terrorist fist bump to an Al Queda activist, and explain that gay rights are really just Al Queda’s way of weakening American. (Tomorrow on Fox and Friends).

  • Ms Urethra Johnson

    Sally would have replied:…Are you black? Are you Kenyan? Or both?
    Or… No, but my boyfriend is…

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