Homo-Journo Ryan J. Davis Sounds Off

Obama Backer Seeks Clinton Veep Pick

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but looking at the political landscape, Hillary Clinton is the most practical choice for Vice President.

Adding her name to the ticket would unite and energize the remaining Democrats who are slow to warm up to Senator Barack Obama. A recent poll of convention delegate showed that nearly 30% would like to see Mrs. Clinton as VP, by far the largest bloc. With the former First Lady on the ticket, all evidence points to united party and a Democratic victory in November.

In months preceding the 1860 Republican National Convention most thought that New York Governor William H. Seward was a shoo-in for the Presidential Nomination. He was a major national figure with powerful political connections and the Republican Party was expected to unite behind him.

The convention itself was similar to a caucus, but only Superdelegates had a vote. Voters wouldn’t truly have a vote on their party’s nominee until over a hundred years later. Seward won the first two ballots, but failed to capture the majority needed to win. On the third ballot he was soundly defeated by a little-known Illinois lawyer, Abraham Lincoln, who won by being everyone’s second choice. Lincoln, who had only served one term in Congress and briefly in the Illinois Legislature, shocked the entire country by capturing the nomination.

Lincoln had no say in who his Vice Presidential pick was, that was decided at the convention, but he did get to pick his cabinet. He appointed Seward, his biggest rival the Secretary of State, the most powerful position available. This story is chronicled in Doris Kearns Goodwin’s amazing book Team Of Rivals, one of Senator Obama’s favorite books.”He talks about it all the time,” a top aide told Time Magazine.

In May when Obama was asked if he would pick Clinton as VP, he spoke of the book as precedent for that decision.

“I will tell you, though, that my goal is to have the best possible government, and that means me winning,” Obama said, per ABC News’ Sunlen Miller. “And so, I am very practical minded. I’m a practical-minded guy. And, you know, one of my heroes is Abraham Lincoln.”

Obama then referred to “a wonderful book written by Doris Kearns Goodwin called Team of Rivals, in which [she] talked about [how] Lincoln basically pulled in all the people who had been running against him into his Cabinet because whatever, you know, personal feelings there were, the issue was, ‘How can we get this country through this time of crisis?’”

As someone who was an Obama supporter from early on, I was obviously dissatisfied (and angry) with the negative and unfair attacks Clinton used during the primary. But that primary seems like ancient history when faced with the levels of attack that Senator McCain has stooped to in recent weeks. It’s time to do what Lincoln would do, unite the party and head towards the White House.

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  • Dan

    Oh fuck it. If it’ll shut up the Will Bower Bitch Brigade, let’s just do it already…

  • ch

    As someone who was a Hillary supporter from early on, I was obviously dissatisfied (and angry) with the negative and unfair attacks Obama used during the primary (i.e. painting the Clintons as racists despite their 30 year history of supporting and promoting civil rights) but I agree – she NEEDS to be on teh ticket and has more than earned that right.

  • Jeffrey

    I agree. Time to get over egos and bruised feelings and pick Hillary as VP. Time to put party first over self interest. Doesn’t matter who sits next to you if the ride to the white house never gets there.

  • Dan

    Crock of shit, CH. While Obama wasn’t pristine, he couldn’t hold a candle to the BS Hillary was slinging. Ask anybody without a vested interest in either candidate.

    Those remaining Hillary diehards are like a group of petulant children. And apparently we need to coddle them, otherwise we’ll be stuck with four fucking years of McSame. Hope you whiners are happy.

  • Tom

    I really don’t see how he can pick her. She was completely disrespectful and deceitful during the primary and she will attempt (with Bill’s urging) to upstage Obama at every opportunity. It will be a disaster.

  • Qjersey

    Sadly I still have heard too many people say if she isn’t VP, their vote goes to McCain. And even sadder, some of them are LGBT.


    “Will Bower Bitch Brigade”

    “petulant children”

    O yeah that’ll do it for party unity!

    No thanks, everyone knows who needs to be ontop of that ticket if the Democratic party wants to see an assured victory come November.

    P.U.M.A ’08

  • Joeb1212

    I don’t think it’s sad to put love of country over the love of your political affiliation.

    And where is it been documented that if you are gay that you are automatically a Democrat? For me that’s always been part of the problem.

    I’ll vote on who I think is the best to lead this country and better the lives of our citizens – the fact that I’m gay has no bearing on whether I vote for someone with a (D) or (R) after their name. Bottom line is I’m an AMERICAN and, for me, that’s all that counts when I enter the voting booth!

  • Little one

    If Hillary becomes VP, Obama will be assassinated within 18 months of taking office, and Hillary will be president! Just like Kennedy, Johnson!

    Cut this out and keep it in a safe place!

  • mark

    After the mailer Mandy Grunwald made darkening and broadening Barck’s face, that was when I said f*ck it to any possibility of a joint Obama/Clinton ticket.I lost all respect for Bill Clinton before that(and I voted for Bill TWICE, but I still could have accepted Hillary, but that racist putrid mailer went WAY TOO FAR, and no one admitted to it, or apologised, or got fired.

  • JPinWeho

    JoeB – the fact that one is gay has no bearing on whether you vote for someone with a (D) or (R) (especially for Pres) after their name is true only if:

    1) You don’t want to adopt children;
    2) You don’t want to get married, have a civil union, or be assured that your marriage or civil union is not abolished, or you don’t care if the same-sex person you married abroad is permitted to reside legally in the U.S;
    3) You don’t want to serve openly in the military;
    4) You don’t want gay-inclusive antidiscrimination bills passed;
    5) You don’t care if you are taxed unfairly;
    6) You don’t care whether judges are appointed who frequently dismiss gay rights and would prefer a pre- Lawrence v. Texas world where gay intimacy was illegal; and
    7) You don’t care if gay individuals in the U.S. are concerned with (and deeply effected by) any of the items above.

    Obviously, if you are gay, you can vote for a Republican – but, I think you’ll have a hard time voting (bottom-line, even) as an AMERICAN, when the person who you are voting for will ensure that you remain a second class citizen.
    But hey, at least with those alleged tax decreases the Republicans promise you’ll be able to afford a rainbow flag for your house.

  • clinton supporter

    The saddest part of this whole discussion is that the Hillary supporters TOLD everyone that this would happen. Obamaheads everywhere said that once Hillary dropped out that his numbers against McCain would improve and we’d have a sure thing for November. Guess what? Hasn’t happened and won’t unless he picks her for VP. He’s gotten himself painted in a corner now and she’s the only choice that will get him to the White House in November.

  • Mark in Indiana

    any gay people read the Democratic platform? interested in a party that thinks you’re a real person? Vote Green. I am.

    Remember: I’m responsible to vote, not responsible to vote for the Democrat.

  • tofer david

    i dont plan to vote unless hillary is vp

  • Ryan

    @Mark in Indiana: Are you familiar with something called Duverger’s Law? Have a look:

    Also, why in the hell does the Green Party think that running for president is the best use of a minor party’s resources? Jeebus, try running for the House or for mayor or for fucking dogcatcher first. There is no Green Party representation in Congress and yet you think the White House might be a good possibility? Please.

  • Ryan

    Also… What’s up with these people who are so devoted to Hillary that they would throw the baby out with the bathwater? I was an Obama supporter early on, but I cannot imagine saying, “If Obama isn’t on the ticket, I’m not voting.” Or worse, “I’m voting for McCain.” Jeesh, just typing that kind of made me feel queasy. I’ve been far too aghast at the downward spiral this country has fallen into in the past 8 years to even want to consider a McCain presidency. Let’s recap, shall we?
    – 9/11
    – Republican Party use of 9/11 to justify every nasty little policy it could think of
    – Abu Ghraib
    – Tax cuts for the rich
    – Federal Marriage Amendment
    – Guantanamo and various “black site” prisons around the world that we *don’t* know the names of
    – Suspension of Habeas Corpus
    – More tax cuts for the rich
    – People on rooftops followed by dead, bloated bodies floating in New Orleans for days and days
    – “Mission Accomplished”
    – Osama bin Laden, still walking free
    – US still in Iraq, still no WMDs
    – Warrantless wiretaps
    – The US attorney firing scandal
    – The housing crisis, followed by the credit crunch, followed by the housing crisis

    That was just off the top of my head. Come on, folks.

  • John

    I voted for Hillary in the primary because I thought she was the best candidate. I still think that.

    But the Democrats who are not bigoted have already come to the obvious conclusion that Hillary and Obama are much closer on the issues than McCain will ever be. The only thing McCain and Hillary have in common are their genetics.

    Quite frankly, I think many gays (especially of the angry white male variety) are hostile towards Obama because of his race. It isn’t difficult to de-code. They’ll try to cloak the hatred and paranoia in the respectable veneer of “rational” debate. But basically, there’s nothing Obama can do that will ever, ever please them.

  • Luke

    I am so tired of Obama partisans slinging condescending terms at Hillary fans like “child” and “petulant.” This is the patronizing, and it further alienates people in the democratic base who feel that their interests are unimportant and unrepresented. Although the affluent democrats have the most political clout and the loudest voice, which they have used in fully supporting Obama, there are millions of people in middle America who are not on board and are being treated as disposable. Many supported Hillary because of the issues and not because of race (just as many people supported Obama not because they are sexist but because of the issues). These issues were largely related to class and economic struggles. Whether true or not, many of these people perceive Obama as not reaching out to them on these issues. So why does the party remain unconcerned about these constituents? Why is it more important to win support from republicans than to win the support of an alienated base? Hillary seems like such an obvious choice. Are Obama partisans really than vengeful that they’re willing to sacrifice the interests of the party to satisfy their own selfish agenda?

  • Dan

    Nice attempt to turn things around, Luke, but that isn’t how things work. Hillary lost. She was practically handed the nomination, but mismanaged her campaign and lost out to a much better run campaign. There is no rule that says 2nd place gets the veep slot. Obama won, and he needs to choose the candidate that best suits his vision of the presidency.

    Do Hillary supporters deserve respect? Of course. And Obama’s campaign has bent over backwards (see: handling of Clinton delegates; helping her retire campaign debts; etc) to show her that respect. Where some Hillary supporters err, however, is in somehow reasoning that the only way Obama can truly show respect is by giving her the veep slot. Baloney.

    And come on… threatening to vote for somebody who would turn this eight year disaster into a twelve year catastrophe just because your girl lost is CHILDISH. If you honestly think McCain represents you politically, that’s one thing. Voting for him out of spite, however?

  • Dan

    And while I’m at it… this BS about Obama “not understanding the middle class” needs to stop. We’re talking about somebody who graduated near the top of his class from HLS. He edited the friggin law journal there. He could have gone on to private practice and lived a very, very comfortable life. Instead he went on to become a community organizer (and later, representative) for one of the poorest districts in Chicago’s southside.

    Clearly, the man just doesn’t give a shit about the rest of us…

  • An Other Greek

    Obama is a better candidate than a lot of Americans can appreciate (or deserve).

    The irrational hate towards him is extremely curious AND odious. The threats, the ultimatums, the temper-tantrums…

    Oh really? You would rather vote for McCain than Obama? And, sure, it’s not because you’re racist, it’s just that you are a Democrat that would rather have a war-mongering oily Repug, than Obama… Uh huh…

    In addition, Hillary started real strong, based largely on sentimental mythology, and went on to prove that she ran a horribly mismanaged failure of a campaign which descended into race-baiting and enemy loving, simply for the greed of power.


    Can you all just let her be my senator?

    We here in NY are ready for her to lead without the continued compromise of executive ambitions.

    thank you


  • An Other Greek

    Oh, and Luke @ #17,

    your references to “Obama partisans” incorrectly spins a position that is the official stance of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

    Today, Democrats are Obama partisans, as he is the leader of the party.

    As the Democratic nominee, Democrats are not Obama partisans.

    The word partisan is a lot more appropriate for the ongoing disruptive Hillary supporters.


  • Mr C

    Hey Luke,

    Let’s kind of understand something here. I am hearing what you are saying. But we need to clarify something here. When you want to talk about

    condescending terms

    then explain





    That piece of SHIT


    Etc, and we won’t mention statements that referenced the color of his skin

    These were

    condescending terms

    that were hurled by The Clinton supporters. Now if they really want “party unity” Then all nearly 17,000,000.00 would have contributed a dollar each and retired her debt instead of screaming HELL NO I’m voting for McCain.

    Agenda: Bill Clinton continues to do interviews saying he didn’t feel that his wife was treated right. In the middle of the campaigning before the conventions. Making her supporters even angrier. That’s an agenda.

    Say what you will about Obama. But the Man has been nothing but decent to Hillary throughout the campaign. Her camp has been


    to Obama and if was KEY people on her team that was doing it.

    Howard Woodson
    Ed Rendell
    Adelfa Callejo
    Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (BTW) my condolences to her family
    Shelia Jackson-Lee
    Geraldine Ferraro
    Harold Ickes
    James Carville

    With people like this in the same party do you need any enemies?

    Look Clinton supporters will stand by her
    Obama supporters will stand by him.

    BOTTOM LINE. As a Gay individual you cannot afford McCain as your President as he stated at The Bullshit Christian Forum when it comes to right Wing Justices he wants more (Thomas, and Scalia-like)Judges and he also wants to leave issue that are vital to Gays up to the states. And where would that leave us?

    Obama may not support Gay Marriage and neither does Hillary. But at least they BOTH support us having some thing vital to us. Everything will not be an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS. But we honestly need to work together for a common cause.

    Now there is some still saying under no circumstance will I vote for him. And if McCain wins. I hope he makes every person that voted for him out of anger knowingly that he is not your ally. SUFFER BEYOND PAIN because if your hate if that HARD. Let a little pain be spewed on you and then you will see. Because waiting until 2012 for Hillary nay never come especially depending on the outcome of this election.
    So all I am saying Gay & Lesbian people.

    THINK ABOUT IT! It’s not Obama, Clinton, and definitely not about Obama

    It is up to US to fight for our own destiny as ONE group!

  • Mr C

    I meant and definitely not about McCain

  • jules

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. C, but as much as you try to state the obvious, PUMAS have their own reasons to not support the Democratic Candidate. What does it tell you when Hillary and Barack are so close in policy and these people would rather support McCain who is a mile away? A MILE AWAY! Racism is the saddest most retarded affliction. And, don’t speak bitches, this guy overcame great disadvantage to become a Harvard grad and the editor of the Harvard Law Review and you did not.

  • Endymnion

    @ Jules (25) who said ‘Racism is the saddest most retarded affliction.’

    If you are not of ‘mixed race’ yourself your parents were racist when they created you! They chose a partner of the same race to have children with.

    Silly of the Annunaki to create different races!

    Why didn’t they just create one race and call it the sheeple race? But no, they wanted blacks and whites and Asians and, and….. I wonder why?

    Maybe we should all be proud of our race and put our own race first! It’s OK for the Jews and Blacks to do so, why not for the rest of humanity?

    Doesn’t mean one should look down on other races but it also doesn’t mean that one should not put ones own race first!

  • Mr C


    I’m a little confused buddy.
    You said:

    Maybe we should all be proud of our race and put our own race first! It’s OK for the Jews and Blacks to do so, why not for the rest of humanity?

    Now unless I’m misunderstanding you.
    Since when Whites have not been proud????
    They have been proud all along life’s way especially here in America.
    Afterall Whites run this country I’m sure you notice that. And I think we all should be PROUD of our race. However,in being PROUD doesn’t constitute one being IGNORANT and HATEFUL of another race. HATE begins when you start thinking your superior than the other.

    However, Jewish is not a race it’s a group of people who studies, and follows Judaism they come in many colors believe it or not.

  • Endymnion

    # Mr C -27

    As far as I’m aware 90% of the people who follow Judaism converted to the religion 800 AD or thereabouts and come from central Asia, namely today’s Kazakhstan and Georgia (where the Russian army is at the moment!).

    About 80% of Jews living in Israel are NOT Semites but Khazars! That’s the reason why you get RUSSIAN subtitles with most films shown on Israeli TV and many films on Issraeli TV are broad-casted in RUSSIAN only.

    So Jews come mainly in two ‘flavours’, the true Semitic Jew (who mostly HATES Israel and wants it destroyed) and the Khazar Jews (consisting of the Ashkenazim (Khazar-German line (Rothschilds)) and Sephardi (Khazar-Spanish line (Rockefellers))).

    So the many colours you mentioned are nonsense.
    The few token Black Ethiopians Jews in Israel have no say anywhere!

    BTW. I never said one should be ignorant or hateful of other races. But NATURALLY, one MUST put ones own race first! I’m sure you know and do exactly that yourself. That is the reason for your reply!!

    Lastly, in most places of the world you find small or larger groups of KHAZAR-JEWS. They often have names like Feinstein, Silverstein, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Oppenheimer etc. and many of them are blatently racist with their JEWISH single clubs and adverts where parents wanting their children to marry a nice Jewish girl or guy! Google ‘Jewish singles’ and add any country and you’ll be surprised.

    Just by the way, when I was 23 I had a, beautiful-looking, Khazar-Jewish boyfriend for many years.


    Finally, I wonder how racially representative Obama’s or McCain’s administration is going to look? I think it will be dominated by WHITE dual passport holders (Israel/US) and will look similar to this one:


    Maybe Mr C you should change your name to Mr Z?

    In Liberty, Endymnion!

  • Mr C

    Why Mr Z?..I answered you and it seems to me you’re offended.

    But offended at what?
    And I never said you said: I never said one should be ignorant or hateful of other races.

    I said that as an extra added response. So please don’t accuse me.

    And I don’t know what an Obama, or a McCain administration would have. It’s not about color it’s about what’s best for America!

    So I’m all for mature conversation and giving opinions.

    But that:Maybe Mr C you should change your name to Mr Z? You can take that SHIT to Romper Room.

    Mr C!

  • Endymnion

    Mr C -29- ‘And I don’t know what an Obama, or a McCain administration would have. It’s not about color it’s about what’s best for America!’

    What’s best for America is an honest administration. A dual passport-holder free administration. An administration that is not dominated by Israelis and Zionists! Everyone knows that Zionist Brzezinski (great MF in the Kissinger league) is Obama’s master and Zionist Lieberman is McCain’s master.

    Watch how McCain is told what to say by Lieberman, watch his and Lieberman’s body language:


  • Mr C

    I’ve seen this link before. But I will check it out! And get back to you on it!


  • Little one

    Page 1 of 2
    Obama’s women reveal his secret
    By Spengler

    “Cherchez la femme,” advised Alexander Dumas in: “When you want to uncover an unspecified secret, look for the woman.” In the case of Barack Obama, we have two: his late mother, the went-native anthropologist Ann Dunham, and his rancorous wife Michelle. Obama’s women reveal his secret: he hates America…..

    Read all!


  • L.

    NObama! He should pick Senator Clinton as his vice president and then step aside! This is no time for an inexperienced state legislator to be running the country! It is either Senator Clinton or Senator McCain!

  • RyanInSacto

    YAY! I like when a troll shows up at the end of a long thread and says something that both shows he/she didn’t actually read the thread and, yet, manages to be inadvertently profound anyway. Congratulations, L., you’ve just illustrated the childishness and petulance that has been discussed throughout this thread.

  • Little One

    No. 33 · L. who said ‘NObama! He should pick Senator Clinton as his vice president and then step aside! This is no time for an inexperienced state legislator to be running the country! It is either Senator Clinton or Senator McCain!’

    Don’t worry!

    If Obama wins, Brzezinski will be the misfit who will call the shots (seems he has already started doing so in the Georgia ‘conflict’).

    If McCain wins, the misfit Lieberman will call the shots.


    In both cases the president is just there to take the blame when something goes wrong and to protect those in the shadows!

    America has not been run by a president for decades and decades now. Time that changes.

    In Liberty.

    Little One.

  • liberal

    I don’t understand how someone of the GLBT community could vote for McCain – as has been pointed out repeated above it’s just so wrong and so against our interests, it’s mind boggling.

    It occurred to me recently when a distant republican Christian cousin said to my mother who asked her if she was voting for Obama – my cousin looked her in the face and without missing a beat said:

    “Oh no! He’s a Muslim, you know”

    That is when it dawned on me the Republicans have made Muslim code for Nigger.

    Every time you hear it on Fox in the press this constant absurd yammering about Barack Hussein Obama – you know what they are saying.

    McCain has been playing the race card since day one. And a surprisingly large amount of Americans seem game to play along.

    If having daffy duck as our VP will get us the Presidency then who the fuck cares? The goal here kids is to WIN and take back our country from these right-wing, religious freak, incompetent, hawks.

    And if it take Hillary then fine. She knows how to put McCain in his place. None of this bickering matters if we can’t see it through to the White House.

  • Mr C

    Thanks Liberal,

    So true. But some folks on here can’t see the forest for the trees. Because the #1 person is a non-white and some gays have issues with that.

    I’d rather get some fruit then NO FRUIT. And if they can get us some fruit. Then I’m okay with that for now.

  • Lauren

    I will NOT vote for Obama without Clinton on the ticket. Period. He better choose her and unite the party. Stand for what you say you stand for. Change.

  • Mr C

    Well Ms Lauren Girl,

    I guess you will be voting for McInsane because Hillary was not the pick. So vote for a dude who is against MAJOR women issues!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Senator Hillary Clinton must be Ecstatic for her chances of winning the Presidency in 2012 since Barack Obama officially chose Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Chosing experience over a littany of off the cuff comments in which Biden constantly finds himself in. We ask ourselves, who’s side will Biden be a pitbull for or against? This Motor Mouth Mabel could well sink the ticket like Dan Quayle did for Bush Sr or Joe Lieberman for Al Gore or John Edwards for John Kerry. It’s a good thing that Hillary can keep Senator Evan Bayh, the only Electoral College advantage to the O.B ticket to herself in 2012 against McCain should his recent surge translate to a win. They’re screwed if the Maverick Cadaver-in-waiting chooses Condi Rice!

    Go Obama-Biden!

    This is the Official Pick

    (just) the messenger (don’t shoot me!)

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