Obama Beats Hillary At Own Game

Barack Obama‘s a quick learner.

The Senator from Illinois – who many say isn’t experienced enough for the White House – beat political veteran Hillary Clinton at her own game.

As we mentioned last week, the Clintons are absolute experts at using the media for their campaign gain. Rather than tossing Geraldine Ferraro immediately, Senator Clinton allowed the scandal to unfold, thus insuring that all eyes, however angry, would be on her.

But that all changed last Friday…

Obama stole the press spotlight last week when he sat down with Chicago papers to discuss his involvement with Anthony Rezko, the embattled Chicago businessman who’s currently on trial for fraud. Rather than let the scandal grow into an unwieldy monster, Obama nipped it in the bud by disclosing the truth: Rezko contributed about $100,000 more to Obama’s rise than previously reported. When was the last time the Clintons came out to preemptively end a potential scandal? Even if you don’t believe Obama – and there are plenty who don’t – he certainly plays the game well.

As if the Rezko admissions weren’t enough, Obama also addressed Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the crazed reverend who married the Obamas and has been labeled “Obama’s spiritual adviser.” Wright made headlines last week after footage of him damning the United States and saying Hillary Clinton had never been called a nigger appeared on the internet. Voters, pundits and politicos were appalled by Wright’s statements, particularly when he implied the United States deserved the September 11th terrorist attacks. Obviously Obama needed to distance himself from Wright. In doing so, however, Obama also ensured that the weekend talking heads and op-ed writers would be talking about him, not his rival. Since Obama addressed the matter on Friday, March 14, there have been at least 2,016 stories posted about Jeremiah Wright.

They say all press is good press and that’s even more true when it comes to national politics. Well played, Obama! And, what’s more, not only did the Senator steal the weekend’s ink, he attempted to distance himself from both Rezko and Wright. Two birds, one stone, baby!

Now, this isn’t an endorsement of Obama – we’d be happy with either candidate in the running – but it certainly shows his detractors that the Senator’s learning the ropes right quick. Is Hillary shaking in her boots? Probably, but we’re sure she and her team have something up their sleeves. And if they don’t, they will.