Obama Calls Out Democrats On Gay Evangelical Avoidance


The Democratic front runners took to a stage in South Carolina last night.

While health care and black politics dominated the CNN/Black Caucus-sponsored debate, we gays did pop up, albeit very briefly, during Barack Obama‘s diatribe on how the Democrats have failed to reach religious-minded voters:

Obama: I think there have been times — there have been times where our Democratic Party did not reach out as aggressively as we could to evangelicals, for example, because the assumption was, well, they don’t agree with us on choice, or they don’t agree with us on gay rights, and so we just shouldn’t show up. And when you don’t show up, if you’re not going to church, then you’re not talking to church folk. And that means that people have a very right-wing perspective in terms of what faith means and of defining our faith.

Wolf Blitzer: All right.

Obama: And as somebody who believes deeply in the precepts of Jesus Christ, particularly treating the least of these in a way that he would, that it is important for us to not concede that ground. Because I think we can go after those folks and get them.

Obama’s been making many a homo headline recently. The Senator from Illinois included gays in his Sunday speech at MLK’s Ebenezer Church. All the attention hasn’t been so positive, however – ex-gay advocate Kirbyjon Caldwell recently threw his weight behind Obama. Obama has yet to make a statement on the endorsement, but some are hoping he’ll refuse the minister’s electoral love.