Obama Chooses Nancy Sutley, Openly-Gay Deputy Mayor of L.A., To Run Environmental Council

Barack Obama has appointed his first high-level openly gay official in the form of Nancy Sutley, who lead his White House Council on Environmental Equality. Ms. Sutley is currently the deputy mayor of Energy and the Environment for Los Angeles. According to the Blade:

A Democratic official says Presidential-elect Barack Obama has selected a deputy mayor of Los Angeles to lead the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

The official said that Mr. Obama’s choice is Nancy Sutley, who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in her primary campaign for the presidency. The Democratic official with close knowledge of Obama transition operations spoke on grounds of anonymity because the selection has not yet officially been made public.

Her selection may indicate where Obama’s environmental priorities lie. Before serving as the deputy mayor, Ms. Sutley currently was a member of the California State Water Resources Control Board that is responsible for the allocation and adjudication of water rights in the perennially-parched Golden State. Water isn’t just a vital resource in the West, it’s big business and a political hot potato.

Her work on the board will come in handy as water rights management is expected to grow as a source of political controversy as chronic drought and the draining down of natural aquifers are pitting farmers, ranchers and city-dwellers against each other in a struggle to retain control of each drop of water, leaving little room–or interest–for the protection and preservation of natural streams and rivers.

Ms. Sutley served as Califonia Governor Gray Davis’ Energy Advisor and also served as the Deputy Secretary for Policy and Intergovernmental Relations within the California Environmental Protection Agency.

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Isn’t that the reason that bland Governor Gray Davis lost the Gubernatorial election to the present Govinator? Seems like water is about to cost more than oil….

  • The Gay Numbers

    No- Gray lost over energy issues that turned out to have more to do with deregulation of the industry by the former GOP Governor and companies like Enron. Of course, the fact Gray was also a pathetic politician did not help. This is more an issue in states like AZ and NV because of their exponential growth rate, and their importance to Democratic prospects in the future.

  • colin

    how old is nancy? i can’t find that info anywhere.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Neither can I. I Googled the heck out of her name and checked Wikipedia, but came up with absolutely nothing onher biographical background.

    A real mystery lady, indeed.

  • R. Preston

    She was born on April 20, 1962 in New York. I couldn’t find anything on her nationality.

  • Sheldon Weitzman

    Please advise me of Nancy Sutley’s mailing address and phone number. She is currently the Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles for energy and environment.

    Please resspond asap…Thank You!

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