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Obama Continues to Let Gay Soldiers Get Fired – And Begs Courts to Let It Continue

Of the 12 gay military plaintiffs who took Don’t Ask Don’t Tell up to the federal appeals court level and got rebuffed, only one — James E. Pietrangelo II — tried to get the Supreme Court to hear his case. It’s not a matter of heroism, just strategy. (The other 11 plaintiffs, represented by the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, opted not to go to the Supreme Court because they see a less-than-gay-friendly make up of the current bench.) Sure, the Supreme Court today opted not to hear Pietrangelo’s case — but perhaps more significant is the Obama administration’s siding against Pietrangelo, and other gay soldiers, and actually actively advising the Court to continue upholding DADT. Kudos to Rachel Maddow for continuing to keep the heat on.

Oh, and Anderson Cooper too, who invited Dan Choi on to chat. Choi reveals his own dismissal hearing is June 30.