Placards Hit Campaign's Mark

Obama Draws On Red, Blue America

Color us crazy, but Barack Obama‘s campaign hit the creative mark with their recent rally placards. We haven’t always been the biggest fan of Obama’s campaign tactics – we railed against them after the Donnie McClurkin scandal, which we felt highlighted a glaring flaw in the candidate’s ability to fact-check. Obama’s recent art direction has won them some points in our book.

Obama’s original posters were exclusively blue, obviously a tone associated with the Democratic party. Red, of course, has been seen as the Republican party’s primary color. We Americans have become so accustomed to the idea of a red and blue America that many of us are incapable of imagining uniting The States. By incorporating red into his rallies, Obama’s offering a subtle aesthetic olive branch – or hoping that Republican voters will be swayed by the familiar pigment.

Illustrator Shepard Fairey’s new poster only entrenches the campaign’s message: Barack Obama – a man of mixed race – can help mix up the political landscape. He can bring red and blue together to unite America. That’s what they want us to think, of course.

We contacted Obama’s campaign to find out who spear-headed this integrated placard approach, but no one owned up to it. He or she really should, because this mysterious art director deserves a bonus!