Obama Endorses Anti-Bullying Bills, Produces Rainbow-Phallic LGBT Progress Chart

The Obama-Biden campaign is ramping up its offensive on the gay vote aggressively—and we kind of love it.

Above is a screenshot from the campaign’s new “Progress for the LGBT Community” webpage on Is it just us or does it kind of resemble a lot of sideways wieners?

Besides splashing phallic rainbow iconography on the president’s official webpage, what else is this administration doing for the gays, quite notably on the national LGBT Day of Silence? So much!

  1. Screening Bully! White House spokesperson Inoue Shin tells us: “Today, the White House Office of Public Engagement is holding a screening of the documentary BULLY at the White House with bullying prevention advocates from a wide range of communities.”
  2. Supporting two important pieces of anti-bullying legislation! Says Shin: “The President and his Administration have taken many steps to address the issue of bullying.  He is proud to support the Student Non-Discrimination Act, introduced by Senator Franken and Congressman Polis, and the Safe Schools Improvement Act, introduced by Senator Casey and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez.  These bills will help ensure that all students are safe and healthy and can learn in environments free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.”
  3. Hosting an HIV/AIDS conference! From a press release on the event, held yesterday: “The White House was in Atlanta on Thursday, April 19 to host the fourth White House LGBT Conference on HIV/AIDS at Morehouse School of Medicine’s Louis W. Sullivan National Center for Primary Care.  The conference provided advocates, community leaders, and members of the public an opportunity to engage with the Obama Administration on issues related to the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the LGBT community, with a specific focus on the National HIV/AIDS strategy.”
  4. Decorating the White House pink in June for Gay Pride Month! JK.

What’s next—actually supporting MARRIAGE EQUALITY?!?