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Obama Found a New Law He’s Opting to Ignore. No, It’s Not Called DADT


The Justice Department, which is busy defending the government’s right to discriminate against gay Americans, just gave President Obama the all clear on ignoring a federal law!

This one, very plainly, bars anyone from the State Department from going to meetings led by countries we consider terrorism supporters. Like, say, if North Korea has a potluck picnic, Hillary Clinton can’t RSVP.

Now, it’s not like President George W. “Axis of Evil” Bush stuck to this law — presidents hate the law, because it impacts their diplomatic abilities, they claim — but wasn’t it Obama who campaigned on sticking to the rules and transparent governing?

And, more importantly, wasn’t it Obama’s camp who steadfastly insists, still, that in order to ignore laws passed by Congress — like, say, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act — there must be a legislative repeal of those laws?

Hahahaha. They got ya!