Obama Gets Served For Attending National Prayer Breakfast

Barack_Obama_speaks_at_National_Prayer_Breakfast_2-5-09It wasn’t just us that was ticked at President Obama for attending the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday. The LGBT-rights group GetEqual is calling his appearance at the conservative kaffeeklatsch giving “permission…to support killing LGBT folks abroad.”

“For another year, President Obama has chosen to set aside his stated values of inclusion in order to attend the National Prayer Breakfast—an event rooted in hatred of LGBT people and covered up by pastries and coffee,” said GetEqual director Heather Cronk. “There are so many communities of faith that fully embrace LGBT people and that are rooted in social justice. We really don’t understand why President Obama continues to give his permission for ‘The Family’ to support killing LGBT folks abroad.”

The Breakfast, now in its 61st year, is run by the Fellowship Foundation—a.k.a.”the Family”—a nebulous organization with ties to right-wing politicians and fundamentalist churches. Its roster includes anti-gay Republicans in Congress and powerful leaders in the fundamentalist movement.

More disturbing, Family members have been tied to Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill. Ugandan legislator David Bahati even broached the idea of the death penalty for homosexuals at a National Prayer Breakfast in Uganda in 2009.

President Obama had addressed the injustice in Uganda at a previous breakfast in 2010—claiming that even conservatives “can agree that it is unconscionable to target gays and lesbians”—but this year he steered clear of any social issues.

Wouldn’t want to upset anyone, would we?