Obama Inauguration to Include Pride Parade?

With six days till plans are formalized for Obama’s inaugural parade, a group called “In the Parade” is seeking representation by the LGBT community in the event. Started by “several dedicated members of the San Francisco bay area LGBTQI community” (What does the ‘I’ stand for? Seriously), the group is calling on people to contact members of the 2009 Inaugural Committee and their representatives and make the case that LGBT people ought to be included in the parade. Since this is the 21st Century, the site provides you with easy forms allowing you to do just that.

We’re sort of surprised that no LGBT group has ever marched in a parade. In ’92 and ’96 Clinton allowed gays and lesbians to form a separate group on the sidewalk, but this would be the first time an LGBT group marched in the actual parade, despite the fact that many citizen’s groups usually do.