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Obama Invites Activists Over for Tea. Is Gordon Brown Banning Them?

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• British activist Peter Tatchell claims Prime Minister Gordon Brown banned him from Downing Street’s Pride — ’cause Tatchell is all critical and stuff.

• By a margin of 312 votes, Al Franken (finally) declared winner of Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race.

• Are a pair of lesbians responsible for the food writing we know today?

• If some napkin math holds true, there are 400,000 gay professional athletes out there. So where are they?

• Speaking of activists, if you refused President Obama’s invitation to yesterday’s reception, is that malpractice?

• Gone from Grey’s, TR Knight heads to Broadway.


• Speculation over characters Shatterstar and Rictor in the X-Factor comic ends … with a kiss.

• GLAD is filing an amended complaint in its DOMA case sometime in late July, which means the government’s response won’t come until September.

• A handsome new hottie on 90210.