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Obama Is Taking His Time On Repealing DADT For, Uh, The Safety of Gay Soldiers?

Understandably, everybody has a great sense of urgency about these issues. But one of the things that I constantly want to counsel my friends is to keep the long view in mind. On social issues, something like “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Here, I’ve got the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff both committed to changing the policy. That’s a big deal. … Now, I am also the commander in chief of an armed forces that is in the midst of one war and wrapping up another one. So I don’t think it’s too much to ask, to say “Let’s do this in an orderly way” — to ensure, by the way, that gays and lesbians who are serving honorably in our armed forces aren’t subject to harassment and bullying and a whole bunch of other stuff once we implement the policy. I use that as an example because on each of these areas, even those where we did not get some grand legislative victory, we have made progress. We have moved in the right direction.

—President Barack Obama, referring to DADT as a “social issue” and not one of “national security,” hinting there won’t be an immediate halt to DADT, so let’s expect some lawsuit appeals, shall we? Also, his alleged concern over gay soldiers’ potential harassment is a more pressing issue than letting them keep their jobs, and keep this country safe. [via]