Blissfully Blind

Obama Isn’t the Only One Ignoring Iraq’s Gay Slaughter. The UN Is, Too


Fresh from the printer of the United Nations is a report on human rights in Iraq. Guess what: They’re not great! Some 26,249 people are being held in Iraq prisons, many of them in overcrowded facilities (just like the U.S.!) and without even being formally charged with a crime. Sometimes prisoners are subjected to beatings and electroshock. And “the vast majority of women still face at least one form of domestic violence.” (At least it’s not two?) The U.S. got wristslapped for its holding of prisoners “for prolonged periods without judicial review,” but otherwise America wasn’t criticized. Oh, and while the UN report noted “continued attacks against Christian and other religious or ethnic minorities,” guess what didn’t get mentioned? The torture and murder of Iraq’s gays.

Indeed, the report covers mostly 2008, when the media wasn’t as dedicated to covering the slaughter of Iraq’s GLBTs. But last time we checked, the UN doesn’t (or shouldn’t) operate on CNN’s watch, and these type of human rights violations aren’t some state secret, because they are HAPPENING IN THE STREET.

But as Newsweek points out, the UN report doesn’t include a single mention of the horrors faced by the queer community in Iraq.

We’re sure, like Obama, it’s just an oversight. And with a few more days or weeks after this global economic meltdown gets sorted out, they’ll get around to it.