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Obama: Lawsuits, Not DADT Itself, Is ‘Very Disruptive’ to Unit Cohesion

I’ve been a strong believer in the notion that if somebody is going to serve in the military, in uniform, putting their lives on the line for our security, they should not be prevented from doing so because of their sexual orientation. … The overwhelming majority of Americans feel the same way. It’s the right thing to do. As commander-in-chief, I’ve said that making this change needs to be done in an orderly fashion, and I’ve worked with the Pentagon, Sec. Gates, Adm. Mullen, to make sure that we are looking at this in a systematic way that maintains good order and discipline, but that we need to change this policy. … Keep in mind, we’ve got a bunch of court cases that are out there as well, and something that would be very disruptive to good order and disclipline and unit cohesion is if we’ve got this issue bouncing around in the courts as it already has over the last several weeks, where the Pentagon and the chain of command doesn’t know at any given time what rules they’re working under. We need to provide certainty. … This should not be a partisan issue.

—President Obama, speaking to reporters after today’s live press conference, isn’t changing his Don’t Ask Don’t Tell tune just because his party lost control of the House. But hey, the Log Cabin Republicans seem to be taking the president’s request to get “two to five Republican votes in the Senate” seriously: Executive director R. Clarke Cooper says they’ve got a short list of names, and Maine Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are already on board.