Obama Losing Votes, Scoring Funds (And Merchandise) With Marriage Announcement

It’d be naive to think President Obama’s announcement that he supported same-sex marriage wasn’t in some way politically motivated. But it’s doubtful he thought his talk with Robin Roberts on GMA would score him percentage points in the polls.

Those who support marriage equality were already firmly on board Team Barack. And those who don’t, or who are on the fence… well, challenger Mitt Romney has surged ahead with a 7% lead since Wednesday’s announcement (at least according to the latest numbers from conservative pollster Rasmussen).

Where Obama is hoping his statement will pay off is in his campaign coffers: Even gays and lesbians of moderate means have been cutting big checks to support his re-election bid. Within 90 minutes of his statement, Obama’s campaign team raked in $1 million. And they netted another $15 million at George Clooney’s fundraiser just days later.

It’s not a coincidence that Obama 2014 finance director Rufus Gifford is gay.

Now on, you can even buy LGBT-specific merch like tee shirts, posters, magnets and “My two moms support Obama” onesies. (The beer cozy might be pushing it, though.)

If elections are really about checkbooks, this could be a canny strategy for the President. If not? Well at least he’ll be standing on the right side of history when he moves out of the White House in January.

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Source: NY Daily News