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Obama: ‘Not Everybody Agrees With Us.’ Namely, Rachel Maddow, Y’all

So Mr. President Man went on the teevee yesterday (above) in some sad attempt to paint himself as a victim — a victim of liberal leftists upset over his giant compromise on the Bush tax cuts. Oh, speaking of liberal leftists: Below, Rachel Maddow fists the president.

Calling liberals “sanctimonious,” Obama is going after the wrong party, claims Maddow. She might be — oh hell, she is — right! See, the GOP is holding “hostage” (the president’s words) the American government, and Obama’s plan is to negotiate with hostage takers for the good of the people. I guess? And this will change Republican strategy, and mute their leverage, how?

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  • Francis

    The man’s just crashing and burning…

  • Kaderade

    We all know what they say about biting the hand that feeds you. Started with the gays, then even the african american base started turning on him, now he’s blasting liberals. Good luck in 2012. You’ve lost the support of everyone that I know that voted for you.

  • SteveC

    Obama is a 1 term president. He’s been a pathetic failure on every level possible.

    Do NOT vote Democrat or Republica in 2012.

    It’s quite clear that we will only achieve our rights through the courts.

  • the crustybastard

    Don’t insult us. We are not stupid. We understand you need to make deals, Mr. President.

    The problem isn’t that you’re compromising — it’s that you persistently compromise way too much and make so many unbelievably BAD deals.

  • Constatine

    Thank you fellow gays.

    Finally, we are waking up.

    Obama. You are a failure, right after Jimmy Carter.

  • Red Meat

    @SteveC: LOL get over it, we can’t allow republicans AKA jesus freaks into government. Keep kissing Obama’s ass because we have to.

  • Sed

    You idiots won’t be happy until we have President Palin. Not one republican who’s running in the upcoming election is a friend to the gays, but that’s who were going to have to deal with.

  • reason

    Elections have consequences, the GOP is coming to power and these compromise will be the norm. Don’t like it? You should have turned out to vote. Tax cuts are a poor way to stimulate the economy but with the GOP in power it will be the only stimulus coming down the pike. Looking at the unemployment numbers creeping up it is clear that the risk to the economy and deficit are elevated if we do nothing. Tanking the economy is not only a revenue killer for states and the federal government, but will only make the people desperately dependent on the corporations. Profits are up, productivity is up, and wages are down. The Achilles heel of the democrats is they actually care about the people. Diving into the political realm, not passing any tax cut would only benefit the GOP, the middle class would be put in a strangle hold during tough economic times further slowing the economy. The rich would be unscathed, recessions are actually great times for people with money to make more money. Houses, labor, and materials can all be had at a huge bargain and when the economy swings up, which will happen at some point, they can sell their assets at a huge profit. Come 2012 a sputtering economy would ensure democratic losses empowering the GOP to not only take over the government but pass even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy in 2013.

    Hopefully we will be able to get DADT repeal, START, and the DREAM Act (unlikely) during this lame duck session. Without a tax compromise the earliest those would have been possible is 2013.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @reason: The Achilles heel of the democrats is they actually care about the people.


    And furthermore,


  • Americans=Rightwingers (John From England)


    They do care about people but its authoritarianism but at leats they would be upset if no had healthcare or job benefits.

    I can see where Obama is coming from but he can’t seem to win with you guys. I mean you so called lefties-you aren’t-spent this whole year insulting him with Queerty raging the flag, so why the ef should he care about you?

    What they found via researching the numbers is that independents and centrists were the ones to work with after no lefties and gays actually voted for the Dems. You asked for this, you got it.

    Anyway, I need to head back to my wikileaks twitter chats!

  • reason

    @Americans=Rightwingers (John From England): You couldn’t be more correct. I don’t know the average age of the visitors here, but they reek of baby boomer entitlement. They have destroyed this country with there belief that things are supposed to happen because they are who they are. When they look in their bowl and nothing is in it they are outraged. It is lost on them that you have to plant a crop, tend it, harvest it, cook it before you can eat. Of course they set the field a fire before the seed was even planted. Don’t even mention drought(GOP) or any other type of affliction(tea party) because those things never made it into their vocabulary.

  • reason

    @Queer Supremacist: Typical, that is all you all have been doing for the past 10 years then you wonder why the car is upside down in the ravine.

  • FYI

    It looks like the Obama bootlickers and enablers are back
    aka “Reason” and “Americans=Rightwingers (John From England)”. What would we do without our Uncle Toms?

  • reason

    @FYI: What would we do without people that use ad hominem attacks because they cant debate substance. You would be more at home over at politico where they make the same comments about obummer and demorats etc. like third grade school boys over and over and over again. Uncle Tom, at least come up with something original. Back from where??? I never stopped posting. Think before you write.

  • Markie-Mark

    @FYI: Just ignore Obama’s favorite gerbil (aka Reason). No one is buying what he has to sell.

  • Markie-Mark

    I had to shut off the video. I can’t believe what an arrogant POS Obama is. He doesn’t seem to have any problem standing up to liberals, progressives and gays. Well, the good news is that there’s more talk about dumping him from the ticket in 2012. He’s been an unmitigated disaster on every issue. Not just gay issues, but every issue. He’s now fighting 7 gay rights suits. We owe our thanks to Lambda Legal, GLAAD and ACLU for bringing the suits (I won’t mention the Loggers even though their’s is one of the 7).

  • Ian

    @Red Meat: @Sed: What’s all this repub this & Palin that as the only choices? You’ve never heard of a Democratic Primary Challenger? ‘Cause with the way Obama’s going there is going to be a groundswell of support for one come 2012.

    Feingold/Dean 2012 is starting to sound pretty good to me.

  • tjr101

    @Ian: You are living in fantasy land. There is no way in hell Feingold/Dean can beat Obama in a primary. Feingold couldn’t even get reelected in Wisconsin. And if by a miracle they do beat Obama, even Sarah Palin would have a cake walk to the White House!

  • Brutus

    I don’t blame him one bit for being frustrated. Too many liberals can’t see past their rosy idealism. Obama is not being a partisan champion. He is being an American President, and I for one salute him for that. It’s pathetic, but I suppose inevitable, that people on both sides are throwing barbs.

  • Brutus

    I really like how he handles the press conference like a class instead of just an announcement. He engages with the press and explains things. (I am not saying that makes him always correct; I’m only talking about his approach.)

    I also don’t believe the Republicans will let the country default. That is terrible for everyone. Everyone. They may think they have a way to do it without raising the debt ceiling (and they’re probably wrong), but they’re not going to let us up and default. That’s inconceivable.

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