Obama On ‘Hardball’ On Gay Marriage

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama braved Chris Matthews’ “Hardball College Tour” last night. During the electoral special, one of the West Chester University students asked Obama about his gay marriage stance. Obama reiterated that he supports “strong” civil unions, leading Matthews to wonder whether that counts as discrimination. Obama went on to iron out the details:

…It is very important that the state makes sure that they are not denying the same kind of rights that have historically been denied, because when I think about a same sex couple not being able to visit each other in the hospital, when I think about them not being able to transfer property, or to pass on benefits, I think that’s contrary to what most Americans believe, and that’s why I’m going to change it when I’m president of the United States.

Of course, we all know that civil unions have a long way to go before they’re actually equal, a hard fact that didn’t get played.