Obama Only Opposes NC’s Anti-Gay Amendment When He’s Not In NC

Yesterday the White House’s response  to the North Carolina legislature’s decision to put a marriage- equality ban on the May 2012 ballot indicated President Obama opposes laws “designed to take rights away.”

So why didn’t Obama mention that to the crowd of largely sympathetic North Carolina State University students that he spoke to just 24 hours later?

True, today’s speech was about his recent jobs bill, but:

More than 75 [local] business leaders signed the letter [to North Carolina legislators], which says, in part, “We write to oppose this extreme amendment because of the significant harm it will cause our state’s pro-business environment, its major employers, and efforts to spur job creation in North Carolina.”

Maybe Obama’s staying mum while in the state in hopes of getting congressional Republicans to vote for his jobs bill. But if the Republican opposition to his other bills are any indication, they’re not gonna whether he slams the GOPs for anti-business bigotry or not.

Another wretched nugget: the NC legislature said that it moved the ballot referendum to May instead of November to “remove politics” from the vote. What they failed to mention however is that the May ballot is also the Republican caucus vote, basically ensuring that GOPs will come out in droves to help pass the anti-gay law.

“Remove politics” our ass.

Image via Marcn