Obama Praises Pope Francis For His Stand On Gays

Not that you’d expect him to say otherwise, but in an interview on CNBC President Obama said that he is “hugely impressed” with Pope Francis. What is more interesting is Obama’s response to the follow up question: what about the Pope’s remarks that the Catholic Church was too “obsessed” with homosexuality and abortion?

“He’s also somebody who is — I think first and foremost — thinking about how to embrace people as opposed to push them away; how to find what’s good in them as opposed to condemn them,” Obama responded. “And that spirit, that sense of love and unity, seems to manifest itself in not just what he says, but also what he does. And, you know, for any religious leader, that’s something — that’s a quality I admire. And –I would argue for any leader period — that’s a quality that I admire.”

Unity being in such short supply in DC this days, we can understand why the President would value it so much.