Deafening Silence

Obama Pretends There’s No Such Thing As Prop 8 During California Visit


Even though gay-friendly super-producer Jeffrey Katzenberg introduced him, and even included a mention of Prop 8, President Obama once again continued his Tour Of Silence and had exactly zero words on the civil rights of Californians as he racked up $4 million for the DNC in Beverly Hills last night.

“If you look in the dictionary under ‘grace under fire,’ it will say Barack Obama,” Katzenberg said. “The California economy is bleak. The state budget is crisis. And Democrats are riled up over a Supreme Court ruling this week that upheld the ban on gay marriage.” Then out came Obama, who dismissed all of that with nary a mention of the groundbreaking news that just went down.

We get it, Barack: You’re in town to raise cash for the DNC, and talking about marriage equality (which you’re against) isn’t good dinner party fare. But your guests already sent in their $30,000 cheques, and the least you could do for the folks giving you cash — especially in the liberal enclave of Tinsletown! — is address the civil rights of the millions of gay Americans who voted for you, and at least the few dozen who were seated at your event.

Obama’s silence, meanwhile, meant all those 200 demonstrators lined up outside the Beverly Hills Hotel … became protesters. Among them, First Lt. Dan Choi, who Obama turned a blind eye when he was kicked out of the Army under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, who criticized the president for his “message of silence. Sometimes silence speaks so loudly. Sometimes silence speaks so eloquently. Sometimes silence speaks so much louder than words. Not today. … I give a message to President Obama: Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Stop forcing our soldiers to lie. Stop forcing our soldiers to hide. Stop forcing our soldiers to be injected with the closet. And let them be free to serve.”

UPDATE: AP reports: “Obama said he could not hear the protesters’ exact words, but he agreed with one who shouted that the president should keep his promises.” Sad, or funny?