Obama Ramps Up Gay Efforts With New Initiative

Barack Obama‘s campaign simply can’t resist the gays!

Deputy campaign chairman Steve Hildebrand and communications director Ben LaBolt hosted another gay outreach call today to announce that Dave Noble will head up the team’s LGBT Vote campaign. This is the second homo-related call in less than a week.

Noble, previously director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Public Policy & Government Affairs, kept his remarks short, sweet and to the point, highlighting the urgency of the homo-mission:

I am thrilled to be joining Senator Obama’s team as he’s ramping up efforts headed into the general election. The fact that there are only under five months between now and election day means we have a lot to do.

Thousands of LGBT people have already come on board to Senator Obama’s team and have done so for the same reasons that I have, I’m sure: not just his stance on the issues that are so important to our community, but also the way he has conducted this campaign and the way he is going to change politics in this country that will benefit everyone, not just LGBT people. I have been proud to watch him speak about LGBT issues on the stump, not just in front of LBGT audiences, but to everyone as he’s been campaigning.

[We need] to make sure everyone understands what’s at stake, the differences between the change that Senator Obama is going to bring to Washington and the same policies, same judges and same fights that John McCain is going to bring…

The boys went on to reiterate their tactics, such as building on Obama’s grassroots strategy and expanding gay presence through the DNC-born 50-state strategy. In addition, the campaign will have a “strong presence” at no less that 60 gay pride celebrations this month, although Senator Obama has not yet signed on to appear at any of the event.

While we’re on the subject of gay people and pride, Wilson Cruz, Doug Spearman and Nathan Lee Graham lent some of their gay star power to the campaign’s LA Pride appearance.


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  • Kevin

    Other than Kucinich and Gravel, he is the ONLY major candidate who advocates the COMPLETE REVERSAL of DADT and DOMA.

    Although he prefers civil unions to “marriage”, I would rather have ALL STATE and FEDERAL Benefits in a Federal and State recognized civil union that is “portable” to ALL STATES than have a marriage that does NOT allow for ANY of the 1083 Federal Benefits as well as the hundreds of State Benefits.

    As it stands now even if you are legally married in Mass., (or soon to be in California), you still have to have all the extra legal paperwork if you live in (or travel in) the majority of any of the other states just to protect inheritance rights, medical decisions and visitation, as well as parental rights.

    I still can’t fathom anyone in the LGBT family who would consider voting for McBush-Cain. To me, they (as well as the Log Cabin Republicans) are self defeatists turncoats who hate themselves as well as everyone who is in the LGBT community.

    That Bullshit that they are working from within to advance change smells from here to high heaven! When I hear that they have changed the way Dobson, Focus on the Family or any of the other neo-con homophobic groups feel and act towards us, I may believe their sorry excuses to be the self haters that they are.

    In the meantime, I am 100% behind OBAMA. NO POLITICIAN is perfect, but at least he has had the balls to back us and what we want.

    And yes, I have forgiven him for the McClurkin fiasco. As I said, NO POLITICIAN is perfect.

  • blackiemiko

    McCain 0/Obama 2. :)

  • mark

    It is a ramp up to make sure every Pride event has Obama push for registration, volunteers, and fund raisers. June is the time to reach massive amounts of LGBT folks. I’ll be curious how many Pride events have Log Cabin booths, I bet they get cursed at ALL WEEKEND, especially at my old home town Minneapolis, since the RNC convention will be hosted in St Paul.

  • fredo777


    I loved Wilson Cruz in “Coffee Date”.


    “although Senator Obama has not yet signed on to appear at any of the event.”

    Don’t hold your breath on that happening.
    If I do see one of Husseins booths I will ask one of his thugs why the senator doesn’t support marriage equality, that is if there’s not another prominent homophobe campaigning for him.


  • allstarecho

    Screw O-bum-a.

  • RPCV

    Pandering. We should all recognize it and turn our backs on him. I know I will, and with my vote too!!

    McCain ’08

  • Kevin

    Yes, assholes….

    That’s right, Vote for McCain..

    After all:
    What’s another 4 years of DADT and DOMA?

    What’s another 4 or 50 or 100 years in Iraq?

    What’s another 4 years of Millionaire tax cuts?

    What’s another 4 years of Lobbyists and special interests running the country?

    What’s another 4 years of a president whose favorite food is “foot in mouth”?

    What’s another 4 years of a president who knows nothing of the economy?

    What’s another 4 years of the world hating us?

    If you ASSHOLES think you are safe or better or now than you were 8 years ago, then vote for McCain!!

  • ChristopherM

    Kevin, you’re wasting your time. There are still a handful of gays who couldn’t care less that people are going to be dying for four more years in Iraq so he can throw a hissy-fit and prove a point.

  • Kevin


    What scares me the most is he is itching to bomb Iran, that is if Bush doesn’t do it first as a goodbye present.

    Remember his song? “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb – Bomb Iran”?

    And this from a man who doesn’t know the difference between the Sunnis’ and Shias’.

  • RPCV

    Kevin, why don’t you explain to us the difference between Sunnis and Shias, without using google??

    BTW, you wrote “Sunnis’ and Shias’.” That’s gramatically incorrect. They’re simple plurals – Sunnis and Shias. Get it? Poor grammar is a reflection of poor intellect.

  • allstarecho

    I’d rather have a straight bigot with experience than a freshman senator who has no experience, who like his opponent still don’t believe in my right to marry, who is a black man that doesn’t mind laws that make me “seperate but equal”.. indeed, screw O-BUM-a.

    And Iran needs a couple of bombs dropped on them, fast because if someone doesn’t do it before they get a bomb, they won’t hesitate to drop it on another country. They’ve already said Israel would not exist if they had their way. Unlike Iraq, Iran IS a threat. And that speaks volumes to O’s lack of experience.

    “I’m Obama. I’ve got ony 3 years federal government experience, my wife is a racist and you made me President. Only in America. Thank you!”

  • Tim

    Too little, too late.

  • Kid A

    RPCV, you know I’ve corrected your grammar (and apparently your intellect) a couple times before now. Here I go again.

    You didn’t capitalize Google. You used two question marks. You incorrectly indicated an internal quote.

    I’m not really this much of a grammar Nazi, but if others make it their business to be one, I’ll expect they get it right.

    Kevin is not running for president. A candidate should know these things. That should be considered a given.

  • Mickey Lim

    When a person supports something, and that person is a leader, I would expect them to actually do something about these beliefs, unless they are a POLITICIAN. And Mr Obama is proving himself to be a politician. All talk and little action.

    Specifically, he mentions in his letter to the gay community his support for the Uniting American Families Act. He has frequently touted his support for this bill, but he fails to add his name as a co-sponsor of this bill (S.1328)

    He says he is for equality, yet interestingly he supports the contradictory position of separate but equal. He has made many trips to California, and San Francisco, he has made specific efforts to never be in the same room as Gavin Newsom so that no photograph could be taken of the two of them together. (Political insider former mayor Willy Brown confirmed this)

    He says that he supports the repeal of DOMA, but as president, he could not repeal DOMA. As a Senator, he could introduce legislation that would! But, no legislation has been introduced.

    He says that he supports the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” however, he has voted for multiple military appropriations bills to continue this unnecessary war, but he never offered a single amendment to any legislation or appropriation bill that would repeal the ban.

    Mr Obama, as a Senator, has wasted the privilege, power and opportunity that his current office gives him. As a legislator he has failed to demonstrate the strength of his convictions. Mr Obama has thus far offered the LGBT community little other than rhetorical support. One could assume he wants the job of president to use “the bully pulpit” because (as opposed to doing something) talking is something he’s good at. Just another politician?

    Real friends help you move. Mr Obama has not demonstrate himself to be a real friend, he just talks a good talk. With the alternative being McCain, he will get my vote; but the ATM machine should be out of service when he comes knocking.

  • Colin

    It’s not just McCain, it’s the whole GOP posse that comes along with him.

    hwo can he win? rat-f-ing.

    And it won’t just be something obvious like the anti-gay ballot initiatives appearing in key states to help him win in the GOTV. If that doesn’t work, there’s always Diebold.

    He’s got the same rat-f-ers and rat-f-er mentality working for him that have helped the rest before him. Turdblossom is just the tip of the ratsnest.

    Face it, McCain sold his soul for this last chance at the top spot.

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