Obama Ramps Up Gay Efforts With New Initiative

Barack Obama‘s campaign simply can’t resist the gays!

Deputy campaign chairman Steve Hildebrand and communications director Ben LaBolt hosted another gay outreach call today to announce that Dave Noble will head up the team’s LGBT Vote campaign. This is the second homo-related call in less than a week.

Noble, previously director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Public Policy & Government Affairs, kept his remarks short, sweet and to the point, highlighting the urgency of the homo-mission:

I am thrilled to be joining Senator Obama’s team as he’s ramping up efforts headed into the general election. The fact that there are only under five months between now and election day means we have a lot to do.

Thousands of LGBT people have already come on board to Senator Obama’s team and have done so for the same reasons that I have, I’m sure: not just his stance on the issues that are so important to our community, but also the way he has conducted this campaign and the way he is going to change politics in this country that will benefit everyone, not just LGBT people. I have been proud to watch him speak about LGBT issues on the stump, not just in front of LBGT audiences, but to everyone as he’s been campaigning.

[We need] to make sure everyone understands what’s at stake, the differences between the change that Senator Obama is going to bring to Washington and the same policies, same judges and same fights that John McCain is going to bring…

The boys went on to reiterate their tactics, such as building on Obama’s grassroots strategy and expanding gay presence through the DNC-born 50-state strategy. In addition, the campaign will have a “strong presence” at no less that 60 gay pride celebrations this month, although Senator Obama has not yet signed on to appear at any of the event.

While we’re on the subject of gay people and pride, Wilson Cruz, Doug Spearman and Nathan Lee Graham lent some of their gay star power to the campaign’s LA Pride appearance.


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