Obama Ready For Prime Time, Buys CBS Slot To Prove It

Barack Obama must have loads of dough with which to play.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign today announced they’ve bought a half-hour slot on CBS’ prime time schedule. Though there’s no word on how much Obama spent on the time, he’s obviously not worried – the Senator’s reportedly in talks to sign up other networks, as well:

The Obama campaign will air a half-hour primetime special on Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 8 p.m.

Sources say the Obama camp is also in talks with NBC and Fox. NBC is said to be very near a deal. With Fox, the matter is likely to remain uncertain as the time period could conflict with Game 6 of the World Series.

The direct purchase of such a large block of national airtime right before an election used to be more commonplace before campaigns began to focus their end game strategies exclusively on battleground states. Such a move is not without precedent in modern presidential politics, however — Ross Perot did a similar purchase in 1992.

Well, we certainly won’t be watching if it conflicts with the World Series. That would be Un-American!