Obama Signs Law Allowing Organ Transplants Between HIV-Positive Individuals

obama signingA bill signed by President Obama Thursday promises to improve the health of people with HIV by allowing for organ transplants from one HIV-positive individual to another. The bill, called the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act, overturns a long-standing ban that prevented HIV-positive people from receiving organ transplants or HIV-positive people from making organ donations.

“Improving care for people living with HIV is critical to fighting the epidemic, and it’s a key goal of my National HIV/AIDS Strategy,” the president said in a statement. “The HOPE Act marks an important step in the right direction”

The bill passed both the House and Senate with strong bipartisan support, a rarity in today’s polarized Congress. Under the measure, the Department of Health and Human Services will conduct research to establish standards for HIV-positive organ transplants. Assuming the research supports transplants, the HHS Secretary can approve their implementation.

Because people with HIV are living longer, they are experiencing an increased need for organ transplants. Currently, they are only able tor receive organs from HIV-negative donors. Supporters of the law believe that allowing for HIV-positive transplants will shorten the waiting time for organs and potentially save the lives of 1,000 people waiting for liver and kidney transplants.

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  • Bumper

    This is great news! How horrible for a person with HIV that needs a liver for instance? They didn’t get it or was on a very long waiting list and died. This will ensure lengthier lives for those afflicted. Anyone that is HIV positive……..please get on the organ donation list.

  • Kangol

    Great news! As angry as I get with him on some issues, again and again it’s turning out that he’s doing some very, very good things, especially for LGBTs.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Great news! I happen to think Obama is A-OK!!! He is conniving!… but he gets the job done… after thorough research, advisers, and finally, he pounces! And gleefully, the right wing zombies get PO’d and implode! The show is just too much fun to watch! AND… there will be more good news!

  • jonjct

    i don’t care what he does, he will always be a social worker from chicago, unqualified to be president. And an arrogant prick as well. We hate the guy.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @jonjct: You are referring to ‘we’ as if there’s a mouse turd in your pocket? Show some respect, Honkie! ;-)

  • 2eo

    I can’t be the only one who thinks it would be hilarious to watch @jonjct: slowly die from organ failure.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @2eo: Well, it wouldn’t be hilarious, but poor jonjct needs to think before he farts out comments sometimes. Pity him, pray for him.

  • DShucking

    [email protected]Dakotahgeo: He uses ‘we’ because he does not feel strong enough to stand on his own so being part of an imaginary group of people helps him feel more important than he is. It’s sad.

  • DShucking

    Too bad fixing Obamacare isn’t that simple.

  • the other Greg

    @2eo: @Dakotahgeo: “We hate the guy.”

    By “we” jonjct must be referring to his late husband, Prince Albert, who died of organ failure back in 1861?

    We are not amused!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @DShucking: BIN-GO! Thank you… right on the mark!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @DShucking: I was born after Social Security started in 1934 but remembered when Medicare first started in 1950-1951 and was updated in 1965. The population was much smaller in 1935 and everything was on paper, no complex machines/technology like today. So, yes… when human beings and computers get together, it’s no wonder that problems arise. This slowdown would have happened to any Administration, but at least it was in gear now and not later. It will save countless lives and from yesterday’s reports, it/the website is up and running as we speak. Kudos!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @the other Greg: Sorry, I didn’t agree with jonjct. But I agree with you… I was NOT amused either. Thanks.

  • DShucking

    You cannot say that the rollout wasn’t an outright debacle. He owns that. The worst part of it all is that he lied to us. Over, and over again. Sad really that lies can wash away so much good.

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