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Obama stands for ‘turning our schools over to homosexual activists, to undermining the sanctity of heterosexual marriage’

SOUNDBITES — “Obama and his party stand for America’s economic bankruptcy, virtual surrender in the war on terror, and a culture of death, from abortion to embryonic stem cell research to healthcare rationing tantamount to death panels. He stands for a comprehensive radicalization of our culture, from turning our schools over to homosexual activists, to undermining the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, to expanding the dependency classes. He stands for polarization and alienation between racial and ethnic groups, and between those of different economic circumstances. He stands for government swallowing the private sector and equalizing income and asset distribution; he may even use the courts, if he can pull it off, to impose what he and his fellow radicals call ‘economic justice,’ a grand-scale version of ‘spreading the wealth around.” —Sean Hannity in his new book Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda, making the worst case for killing trees to provide paper on which to write these things (via)

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  • charles

    Yellow “journalism” has now become Clear.

    Clearly insane.

  • Cam

    Yeah, because people like Sandra Bullock, the Gosselins, and Senator John Edwards had such strong solid hetrosexual marriages before gays started pushing for our rights. It was us that ruined them.

  • Mark

    Breathtaking extremist views. Facts don’t matter for dangerous folks like Hannity and his politics of fear and intimidation.

  • JamesStone

    The “sanctity of heterosexual marriage?” I woman I work with has been married 3 times since my partner and I have been together 20 years monogamously. Hmmmm…

  • chelly

    They make it seem that if no child saw a gay person there wouldn’t be homosexuality in the next generation, and that’s just plain wrong.

  • jeffree

    OMG! Who let Sean Hannity see the supersecret Gay Plan for World Domination??

    We must have a traitor among us!

    I’m still just praying for the day when the hypocritcal Repubs realise that DIVORCE is the real ememy to str8 marriages, not teh gayz. I don’ t see too may rightwingers trying to make divorce illegal.

  • The Artist

    It does make fiscal sense for people like Sean Hannity to exist. He and his colleagues are making money (hand over fist). This is the reason why Sarah Palin quit her low paying job for a more lucrative position (thanks John McCain). If you think about it (hopefully not too hard), this strategy makes sense. It’s all about The Benjamin’s and how stupid people buy into it. Ugh! It was only a few short years ago that Glenn Beck was broke. PEACELUBNBWILD!

  • terrwill

    I know it takes a lot of effort to click a link : P
    Everyone should really read this info about this scumbag Yawn Hannity here is a lift from the article link on post #6:

    In fact, less than 20%–and in two recent years, less than 7% and 4%, respectively–of the money raised by Freedom Alliance went to these causes, while millions of dollars went to expenses, including consultants and apparently to ferry the Hannity posse of family and friends in high style. And, despite Hannity’s statements to the contrary on his nationally syndicated radio show, few of the children of fallen soldiers got more than $1,000-$2,000, with apparently none getting more than $6,000, while Freedom Alliance appears to have spent tens of thousands of dollars for private planes. Moreover, despite written assurances to donors that all money raised would go directly to scholarships for kids of the fallen heroes and not to expenses, has begun charging expenses of nearly $500,000 to give out just over $800,000 in scholarships.

    In February 2009, a well-known conservative writer sent me this, about a friend at FOX News:

    The guy went on to tell me about Hannity’s “Freedom Concerts,” which are staged across the country with the proceeds going to children of slain soldiers. Of course, as the guy tells it, there’d be a lot more money every concert to go to the cause if Hannity didn’t demand–and get–use of a Gulfstream 5 plane to fly him and his family/entourage to the concerts; a “fleet” (that’s the word the guy used) of either Cadillac or Lincoln SUVs for him and his family/entourage; and several suites at really expensive hotels for him and his family/entourage. The promoter apparently values Hannity’s star demands at well over $200,000 per event. The source says he heard that Oliver North pulled Hannity aside at one of the concerts and told him that this had to stop. But that may mean that, from now on, Hannity has to fly on a G4 instead of a G5, gets only a few luxury SUVs, and two or three suites.

    Read full story at link on post #6

  • jeffree

    @TerrWill: yep I clicked over there thataway & am appalled that Sneaky Sean Handitmyway gets away with promising the $ go 2 military families when most of it pays for his own upkeep! Pennies on the dollar. Those $1000 scholarships will not even cover text books plus lab fees 4 one year!!

    “Fergetabout yer tuition Mitzy, all we can pay for is your Chemistry texts & 12 pages of the poly sci book!”

    Where oh where is the mainstream press reporting this?

  • Danika

    Anyone else wishing that Obama’s agenda really was what Republicans think it is? Spreading the wealth around? Socialist nation? Abrupt end to the war on terror? Abortion? Hooray! Alas, they’re always overselling him.


    Hannity is so queer, and so lonely, because no self-respecting queer would do him.

  • Jason

    In the beginning of time, say…6000 years ago, God created one man and one woman. They had two children, both had penises. You might inquisitively ask, “Lord, if Adam and Eve only had boys, where did the grandchildren come from?” Trust me, you’re not going to like his reply. A Bible-based marriage is between one man, one woman, and the son she seduces after he’s killed his only brother.

    A family that slays and lays together, stays together.

    True story: Abraham, the father of three faiths, two of them total rubbish, married his sister. As if that wasn’t sordid enough, slutty sister Sarah invited Abraham to have sex with her maid, someone named Hagar, such an appallingly butch name! A Bible-based marriage is between one man and his sister…and the help! Goodness me, Lord, the help? Doing the help? I don’t even speak to mine.

    Quick, what’s the Lord’s favorite way to punish a man who rapes an unmarried virgin? Anyone? Marriage! Yes, a Bible-based marriage is between one woman and her rapist! Mazel Tov!

    Remember how God turned Lot’s wife into a pillar of Kosher salt? So a Bible-based marriage can sometimes be between one man and a kitchen condiment. Bon Appetit!

    So what do you do if you run out of close relatives or servants to marry? Well, the rather crafty Lord has a fabulous tip – just drive over to the nearest town and murder everyone who either has a penis or has seen one. Then just round up all the virgins who are left. Of course, you don’t need to take a big truck if you try this in, say, America. A Bible-based marriage is between one man, a gal who’s kidnapped and raped right after her mother, brother, and slutty sister are slaughtered.

    Remember – in the Bible, it’s not rape if the man says, “I do.”

    King David had a fabulous collection of wives and a harem absolutely chock full of athletic concubines, whom the Lord had raped by David’s son, because the Lord was in a snit over some drama concerning that little troublemaking tramp Bathsheba. A Bible-based marriage is between one man, a woman, another woman, yet another woman, a few more women, an adulterer, and a pack of raped whores!

    In a galling show of one-upmanship, David’s son King Solomon had 700 wives, and because God loves to round up, 300 concubines. Which are really just live-in whores. A Bible-based marriage is between one man and, frankly, enough booty to make a Mormon compound seem quaintly understaffed.

    So what do you do when you can’t afford even one wife, let alone a pack of in-house hookers, but you still have your little heart set on having a son? Well, the Lord shrewdly suggests that you inveigle a slave into raping your daughter. Voila! Problem solved. A Bible-based marriage is between one man, Daddy’s little girl, and the slave Daddy hired to rape her. Try getting a Hallmark card for that.

    The whole concept of marriage apparently bored bachelor Jesus to tears, other than encouraging his buddies to abandon their wives, about all Jesus said on the subject was that once you do it, that’s it. No running off to Babylon to get a divorce. So, clearly, in the Bible you can have as many wives as you want – just as long as you have them all at once.

    So, let’s recap the Lord’s idea of the perfect marriage. It is between one man and his sister, and a rapist, and a kitchen condiment, gal who’s kidnapped and raped, a few more women, an adulterer, and a pack of raped whores, 700 wives, 300 concubines, and the help, and a son who has murdered his brother.

    But it is NOT between one man and another man. Because, well, that would be immoral.

  • terrwill

    @jeffree: J, I am glued to Faux News, will let you know as soon as they report on the story!!

    More evidence as to the total lemming like lack of a speck of intelligence of the rightwing lunatic nutbags. These rightwing hate spewers like Rush Windbag, Man Cuntler, Michael (don’t call me by my real name Weiner) Savage et all reap millions of dollars per year from these people who are being scamed more better than the snake oil salesmen who used to travel town to town…………….

  • Tiered

    I’m so tiered of this kind of thing. Fox News/Hannity has gone to far, harping on gays, abortion, marriage, how the “degenerates” of America have/are ruined/ruining this country. Fox News is just a money generating conservative policy fear machine, and we in the LGBT community need to stand up to this. Who cares what kind of guy is featured as “morning half naked guy in underwear”, I look at it, stupid, “click on each pic page so we can make more money thing” as much as the rest of you or not. People are into whatever they like, not just twinks or bears or what ever. Isn’t that what we’re about? Half naked men/boys that suit our wants? Stop being such kindergarden parents at a PTA meeting. I’m 22 and we, as the gay community, can disagree about boys/mens/your mother, but who cares? Don’t we all want equal rights? Equal chances and equal treatment? Lets agree to disagree on men, but we need to agree on gay rights, our enemies, and to get them out of positions of power. We are unparalleled when we work together, but useless when we all disagree. Gays, we need to get it together, and (what ever kind of guy you like), the time has come, watch the news and see for yourself! Gays, stop being Tina’s!

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