Obama To Include Same-Sex Couples In Immigration Reform Proposal

gay_immigrationPresident Obama’s proposal for addressing immigration reform will include same-sex couples, although the Senate has different plans.

BuzzFeed reports:

A Democratic source said: “Same-sex couples will be part of his proposal.” A second source confirmed that, unlike the Senate framework released Monday, same-sex bi-national couples — those with one American and one foreign partner — will be included in the White House principles.

The decision by Obama seeks to remedy what advocates for same-sex couples view as one of the most searing inequalities under the existing federal limit on marriage to one man and one woman: LGBT American citizens simply have no way to confer citizenship on their romantic partners, something that is automatic — if not always simple — for straight couples.

The Senate’s plan excludes same-sex couples as three Democratic senators told LGBT advocates on Sunday prior to their proposal’s release. Sens. Chuck Schumer, Richard Durbin and Bob Menendez told the advocates that there would be attempts to include same-sex couples later in the process, but there would be no guarantees.

Failed Ed Harris impersonator Sen. John McCain told CBS This Morning that it’s “something that frankly is not of paramount importance at this time.” McCain referred to Obama’s plan as a “red flag.”

Congress be damned, the President will unveil his proposal today in that bastion of family values, Las Vegas.

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  • Aidan8

    I think I’ve reached “peak McCain.” That’s the point where the very image of a person or sound of his/her voice gives rise to deep irritation and disgust. Having reached “peak McCain,” I can only hope that there will soon be a post-peak depression in media coverage of this blow-hard creep.

  • wade

    There is nothing concrete as to how the United States Supreme Court
    will rule on DOMA and Prop 8. I am 56 years old; my life partner
    and I are both Americans. We are in a loving long term (30 year)
    committed relationship. I served in the Marine Corps, pay my taxes,
    and a retired Federal employee. And I still can’t get married!!!
    Obama has prioritized the immigration issue before gay marriage –
    REALLY…REALLY. I guess one could say that you have to pick your
    battles, well in my opinion he picked wrong. Obama has chosen
    people that are here illegally and breaking the law over his own
    American people. Wake up American LBGT people, we got screwed!!!

  • Cam

    McCain is using the new GOP doublespeak.

    They have learned that you can’t just come out and say something completely bigoted against gays, blacks, Women, etc… anymore.

    So what they then do is anytime anything comes up that will help civil rights, is say that is isn’t pressing…or that they just don’t have time to do it now.

    Yes, because McCain is SO busy, you know, what with being in Congress for decades and never once pushing through one single piece of important legislation with his name on it. (Campaign Finance doesn’t count because he broke his own rules the second he ran for President) What has he been doing? Well lets see, he was chairman of the comittee that oversaw all commerce in the U.S. and his wife’s budweiser distributership in AZ. mysteriously was the only one in the state. No competition at that time.

  • Cam


    How exactly did you get screwed? I get that Log Cabin wants to jump Obama every chance they get. But you do realize that if the State Dept. legitimizes gay marriage or partnership as a reason to stay in the country it gives DOMA another blow.

    The Supreme Court has often ruled based on how the country is trending. This is one more trend direction that pushes the court.

    It isn’t an either/or thing.

  • Dakotahgeo

    McShame should NEVER have been allowed to leave the Hanoi Hilton… dead or alive! He is a worthless piece of dementiated caca.

  • 2eo

    @Cam: I hope you’re not implying that he has used his position to embezzle tens of millions out of state finances and taken massive kickbacks from his wife’s company?

    Because that could be slander, I mean even stating that THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED would possibly get police knocking on your door.

    Don’t put your hand up to ask him a question though, he hates that.

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