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Obama Turns Heckling At Democratic Fundraiser Into Attack On Republicans. Typical!

Speaking last night at a Democratic fundraiser in New York City — otherwise known as Blocking Traffic On Every Freakin’ Avenue — President Obama was treated to some major heckling by AIDS activists, upset with his record so far. “President Obama! President Obama!” shouted one woman; others waved around signs reading “broken promises” and “no retreat, fund AIDS”; there was also the guy screaming about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Obama, who’s used to this type of behavior, told the rabble-rousers they should be going after the Republicans. Well, sure, them too.

Responded the president:

This young lady here, she wants increases in AIDS funding. That’s great. We increased AIDS funding. She’d like more. I’m sure we could do more — if we’re able to grow this economy again and if we continue on the policies that we’re on.

Young man back there shouted “don’t ask, don’t tell.” As President, I have said we’re going to reverse it. I got the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and I got the Secretary of Defense to say that we’re going to reverse it.

But hold on a second. But hold on a second. Think about — think about what happened in Congress two days ago where you got 56 Democrats voting to debate this issue, and zero Republicans. And as a consequence, some of those signs should be going up at the other folks’ events.

And folks should be hollering at the other folks’ events because the choice in November could not be clearer. A choice about what you want for the next two years — what you want the next two years to look like in this country.

Then, as if on cue, a flash mob emerged and delivered some sick choreography to “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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  • jason

    Bullshit he’s going to reverse it!! The only thing he’s doing is trying to use DADT as a wedge issue to try and scare some more votes out of us. If he was even remotely serious about abolishing DADT, he would have done it months ago, not 6 weeks before the Congressional elections.

    Keep in mind that this DADT “survey” being conducted by the military is not a scientific one on the model of a poll by Gallup, for instance. For a poll to be scientific, the person who’s doing the polling needs to randomly choose the subjects whom he’s going to interview.

    The military’s DADT survey is the complete opposite. It consists of personnel responding to a survey. There is an enormous risk of the responses being skewed by an orchestrated effort to put forth a particular point of view, such as opposition to DADT repeal.

    The military’s DADT survey isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and neither are Obama’s promises.

  • Dude

    Queerty! Really? It’s called politics – both sides jab each other. And if you think that the Republicans are going to do anything more for the LGBT community than Obama has tried, done or will do, well then you have another guess coming. The right-wing Republicans are dangerous, religious zeolots and have no tolernace for diversity or LGBT.

  • Davey Fan

    Always yelling at the good guys. Go take your protests to the evil Republicans. Sheesh.

  • tjr101

    Ah, I think he’s got a point there.

  • CJ

    Let’s not be blind. Harry Reid is playing political games. There are several Republicans that support repealing DADT. But, by Reid refusing to work with Republicans, he ensured that they’d stand unified against him and any amendment he attempted to add to the defense bill. Reid knew this… duh. The LGBT community was Reid’s pawn in his attempt to posture and maneuver for November. We all know that this is how Washington works. Rarely is a single vote (on a bill) an isolated situation. There is always a bigger picture. For the moment, every move done by Reid is done in light of November. He sacrificed gays in order to gain 2 votes in November. It’s that simple.

  • the crustybastard

    So why do you persist in defending the military’s gay ban in court, Mr. President?

  • DR

    Funny, he asks that the community hold him accountable, but he never takes accountability for himself or the party. Go figure.

    Harry Reid made some major mistakes, and Obama announces his new PRO-DADT head of the Marine Corps the day of the vote.

  • ewe

    He is the commander in chief, head of the military. Take the lead Obama and order THEM to follow the rhetoric you have been bullshitting gay people with.




  • Ed

    By all means, let’s show him how pissed we realy are by voting in a large majority of Republicans in November. THAT will show him!


    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Sorry bout that. When I lifted that graphic (still agree with the message) it didn’t include the link ………

  • Dude

    The road is long girls – a civil movement takes decades. One man in office simply can’t do it.

  • Dude

    And one more item. When you think of Republicans – think of Sarah Palin. It is a travesty that someone as idiotic as she is has gained the power she holds right now.

  • whatever

    Do these drama queen protestors ever heckle the Maine sisters, or Scott Brown, or John McCain? Cuz all the Dems needed was ONE of their votes?*

    *And don’t give me anything about Lincoln and Pryor. Both voted yes at first and changed their votes to no when it was clear ZERO Repuke votes would be had.

  • SomethingElse

    Dude : It’s hard to take a “dude” seriously who calls the rest of us “girls.”

  • edgyguy1426

    Don’t tell me the ‘no’ voters haven’t taken any heat. Check out Blanche Lincoln’s Facebook page. She was behind in the polls but now more dems are furious at her than before and a great many of them are voting ‘green’

  • Brutus

    @CJ: Why are you damning Reid for doing that but giving the Republicans a free pass? If they really gave a shit, they would have just voted for the bill.

  • whatever

    @Brutus: CJ is a GOProud troll. That’s why.

  • B

    Let’s see. Obama and the Democrats have

    1. Increased HIV funding,
    2. tried to repeal DADT (passed in the house, attempted in the senate with it now pending another vote),
    3. Passed hate-crime legislation,
    4. Got some health care reform passed, which nobody else could pull off in the last 40 years,

    which is more progress in under 2 years than in the 8 years of
    the Bush administration, but people are blaming the Democrats anyway. Sure everyone would like faster progress. But its silly to allow a party to take over that would give you zero progress.

  • edfu


    You’re wrong. Harry Truman, one man in office, outlawed segregation in the military with his pen.

  • B

    No. 19 · edfu wrote, “@Dude: You’re wrong. Harry Truman, one man in office, outlawed segregation in the military with his pen.”

    It’s a lot more complicated than that. Try reading if you are interested – all 635 pages of it.

  • southapugh

    CJ: Let’s not be blind, indeed. Yes, Hold his feet to the fire. But, understand that giving him crap while he’s fending off the blind, willful ignorance and obstructionism of the Republican Party isn’t making things easier for the Democrats and is only giving fuel to the Right for more propaganda. Listen to them saying that even their own don’t like him so vote his party out. It’s politics, and the Republican Party is in desperation mode. Yo don’t snipe at a hunter who is dealing with a cornered animal. Any distraction gives the cornered beast opportunity to inflict damage. Sure, Obama hasn’t been able to wave some magic wand and make things all better. But, who in the last two and more centuries has done more in funding, positions, advocacy and action than Obama for LGBT folks? This isn’t apologetics, this is practicality. You’ll never get anywhere without being practical. Anything but support of our semi-champion only gives the other guys strength. Stop acting like petulent children. Tantrums don’t help any more than the Town Hall shouting matchs over Health Care Reform did since last year. If you’re not helping, you’re part of the problem, and that is no hyperbole. It’s easy to throw eggs at the singer, but it doesn’t solve anything. If you don’t like the tune, get involved in rewriting the composition.

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