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  • jeff4justice

    I am truly amazed at how the public narrative is that the pro-lifers support Republicans yet they seem to have no problems with the USA killing millions in lie-based wars. I guess the mangled bodies of young kids being blown apart is just not as compelling to them as plastering images of fetuses. I am truly amazed at how family values crowd supports the Republicans yet they seem to have no problem with them allowing the FDA to be run by frakenfood companies who are on track to ruin the natural human food supply. I am amazed at all these religious phonies proclaiming to be Christian as they embrace a party that so callously attacks people in poverty in words and in actions.

    On the other hand, I am amazed how how the so-called progressives have turned a blind eye as Obama has escalated the needless lie-based wars; drone attacked
    Yemen, Pakistan, Libya; signed NDAA; went out of his way to cover up Fast & Furious; declared he can kill anyone he wants; killed an American teen with no jury, no trial; advocates for the elimination of internet freedom; signed a bill restricting protestor’s rights (HR 347); allowed his EPA to raise acceptable levels of radiation in response to the Japanese nuclear explosions; appointed people from Monsanto to the FDA; continues to crackdown on marijuana users, and on and on.

    And what a shame that the mainstream media and even religious media, LGBT media, black media, Latino media, and even some alternative media continues to present the false left vs right paradigm.

    There are however some out there who are calling out the 2party system of all walks of life.

    2party sysrtem followers have should be ashamed if they vote for voting for these blatant liars like Obama and Romney/Ryan. What a nation of people with such lowly ethics, such pitiful lack of principle. Unprincipled voters will get the unprincipled elected officials they deserve I guess.

    Regardless of what 2party system puppet is elected by the Bildgerberg and electoral college farce, the only thing that will happen in the next four years is more war, more poverty, and more erosion of civil liberties – especially at the local level where the big-brtoher/nanny state control grid total surveillance society will expand with stop-light cameras, kill-switch vehicle tech, more drones, and more eye in the sky police surveillance. Maybe we’ll get an economic collapse, and/or some more major war, and some martial law too.

    But go on fellow LGBT brothers and sisters, play the charade and think you’re better than gay GOPers becuase you’re side is gay-friendly and you’re luck enough to not be a victim of their war.

  • tdx3fan

    @jeff4justice: Its a TWO party system. Sure, neither of them is perfect, but no viable third party solution has ever succeeded and none ever well. It would take changing the minds of every single American voter in order to change that. All a viable third party politician has ever managed to do is split the vote so that one candidate loses when they might have won. You can thank Ross Perot for Clinton’s victory in the 1992 election because he siphoned off Republican votes, but notice it was Clinton that won not Ross Perot.

  • LandStander

    @tdx3fan: ” but no viable third party solution has ever succeeded and none ever well.”

    Seriously…? Ever heard of the Whigs or National Union party? There’s also the Populists (with candidate James Weaver carried five western states, elected three governors and fifteen members of Congress.) Influential third parties in the mid 19th century include the Free-Soil Party, and the American Party (the know-nothings).

    All of those were extremely influential, and all of them had Presidents, Vice Presidents, or garnered double digits in a Presidential election (the smallest being the Free-Soil party with 10% of the vote, but they were still influential with candidate Martin Van Buren!)

    To say that no third party has ever succeeded is terribly ignorant, and to suggest third parties are hopeless is dangerous. You sir, have a grave misunderstanding of American history :-)

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