Obama Wants Someone Else To Stop The Deportation Of Bi-National Gay Couples… Or Something

The so-called Defense of Marriage Act still threatens to tear apart thousands of legally-married bi-national same-sex couples like Cristina & Monica and Henry & Josh. So what’s the White House got to say about it? Eh…

In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security placed a temporary hold on deporting the foreign born widows and widowers of deceased Americans. So yesterday Metro Weekly asked why the administration hasn’t taken a similar step for same-sex bi-national couples.

White House press secretary Jay Carney responded, “The President has called for comprehensive immigration reform for a reason—because he thinks we have to move in a comprehensive way to get there.” It’s an echo of Carney’s May comment that the president “can’t just wave a wand and change the law.”

So the administration considers foreign-born widows more worth protecting than American-born LGBT citizens. OK… just checking.

Remember, we have tried and failed to get comprehensive immigration reform law through the Legislative branch for about a decade now and with Republicans controlling the House, successful passage of LGBT-friendly immigration reform in the near future seems unlikely.

Now, Attorney General Eric Holder’s questioning of DOMA’s constitutionality did convince the judge to postpone Henry & Josh’s deportation proceedings until December so that the Board of Immigration Appeals can consider how to handle legally married gay couples. But that’s hardly any consolation for other same-sex unions hanging in legal limbo.

Of course, a moratorium implies temporariness, and if the White House placed a moratorium on deporting gay bi-national couples, it could easily change once Obama’s out of office. But in the meanwhile what is the legislative plan to protect these couples? A full-out DOMA repeal that won’t happen until 2016?

That magic wand starting to sound mighty good about now. Psst, Obama… Draco Malfoy has it.

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  • Andy

    EGAD! You actually downed a democrat! You must certainly be a self-hating gay with a secret membership in Focus on the Family!

  • Jeff

    This is completely unfounded? Why is it that everytime an issue in the GLBT community happens, and the President doen’t respond when YOU want him to, it means he’s not going to do anything? You don’t know shit, and you need to avoid writing articles about politics because clearly you’re misinformed. Nice photo BTW, not biased at all.

  • kolos100

    It is sad that Obama is listening to hate groups and racists, and not using his power that was given to him by Working People. Where is Democracy in that?! Or may be he doesn’t care about 4 million American citizen children who lost or about to lose one or both parents. He doesn’t care about couples and spouses who lost or about to lose a loved ones. He never cared about immigration reform. He lied to get to the White House, he lied to become a President. Obama has unresolved personal issues with his father leaving him and his mama. He only became a President to proof that his papa was wrong. Obama doesn’t care about people, he enjoys other people sufferings. Vote him out. Obama is just a miserableness liar, who even cannot keep his word. Vote him out.

  • InExile

    Enough is enough! QUIT DEPORTING OUR SPOUSES!!! I want to believe the White House has its heart in this but there is no action. Immigration reform has nothing to do with bi-national same sex couples, marriage equality as EVERYTHING to do with it. After all heterosexual couples can get their partner’s fiance visas!!! So, Mr. President, please come out in favor of marriage equality and please stop deporting our spouses. And if you have any time left after that, please bring those couples living exiled (American Citizens)in other countries like my partner and I (5 years)home, America is our home too.

  • Sid

    I’m dating a Canadian. We could get married there; here, he’d be at risk of deportation. The longer this situation persists, the more likely the US is to finally lose me to Canada. Way to drive your citizens out, USA.

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