Obama Wants Us To “Fix” That Whole Workers Getting Fired For Being Gay Thing

Remember the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, that dinosaur of a bill that Congress has been kicking around for the past century (give or take a few years)? Well, President Barack Hussein Obama does as he reminded us on Twitter on Sunday:

The last we heard from ENDA, it was headed to the Senate after passing committee for the first time in 11 years thanks to some good ole bipartisan hand-holding. With Congress back from summer vacation, Barry wants to drum up as much support as possible with a petition asking you — yes, you — to stand up against discrimination:

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act has bipartisan support in Congress. It’s time to put aside politics and extend basic workplace protections for LGBT Americans.

It’s kinda been that time for a while, but we’ll have to wait and see if Congress agrees…on anything.