Obama Wants Us To “Fix” That Whole Workers Getting Fired For Being Gay Thing

Remember the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, that dinosaur of a bill that Congress has been kicking around for the past century (give or take a few years)? Well, President Barack Hussein Obama does as he reminded us on Twitter on Sunday:

The last we heard from ENDA, it was headed to the Senate after passing committee for the first time in 11 years thanks to some good ole bipartisan hand-holding. With Congress back from summer vacation, Barry wants to drum up as much support as possible with a petition asking you — yes, you — to stand up against discrimination:

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act has bipartisan support in Congress. It’s time to put aside politics and extend basic workplace protections for LGBT Americans.

It’s kinda been that time for a while, but we’ll have to wait and see if Congress agrees…on anything.

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  • Snapper59

    His numbers are imploding on Syria and Putin is out front as the most powerful leader in the world and HEY LOOK!! A squirrel!!

  • hyhybt

    With this House, ENDA would stand a better chance if Obama were against it.

  • jwrappaport

    @Snapper59: Not a valid criticism. There will always be an issue people think is more important. The environment, drone strikes, NextGen air traffic control system, DOJ anti-trust suit against American and United Airlines, etc.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Yeah, it’s called “wagging the dog” when a president tries to divert the public’s attention from his impending war intentions. The Great Obama has turned out to be a tired cliché of power-hungry demagoguery.
    @Snapper59: A squirrel. Too funny.

  • wrapmyarmsaroundhim

    You nailed it: demagogue, cliche, diversion and oh hey wow was it a flying squirrel?

    Ever since Karl Rove (ugh) tested us (the Gays) as the group America cared least about in the early GWB daze, we have been used either as a wedge to polarize the populace or a diversion. Yawn. It all seems like a confection to me.

    But the business is constant war, still, and that goes on all the time around the world whether in the news or not.

    And this byotch ain’t in the mood no more, but what to do? At least Bama has freed us to some extent, and looks like he’ll continue. That alone is light years beyond what the GWB crowd did for/to us.

  • kingkuy

    what many of you quickly forget is that much of this country is indifferent to our struggles, and Syria is not some cheap headline you can just divert everyone’s attention from… especially with a previously failed equality bill

    and borrowing from hyhybt’s point, this would garner more attention if he were against it but we know we have an ally in President Obama

  • DonW

    Why the gratuitous use of the President’s middle name, Hussein — a favorite trick of the birther set? What is this, Fox News? The guy is far from perfect, but why should he even bother doing anything for us when all we do is attack him?

  • the other Greg

    Yeah, I wonder why the right to be gay and employed has never made much progress, when for a decade the wealthy marriage obsessives, the c0cktail party gay activists, and the gay media have all been focused 99% on another issue. Go figure. It’s quite a mystery!

    @DonW: Not only a “Hussein,” but a “Barry” too! The tone of this is very strange.

    @BJ McFrisky: There’s an annoying squirrel in my yard and I never gave it a name before… “McFrisky” seems just right. Thanks!

  • BJ McFrisky

    @the other Greg:
    You are welcome. It’s an old Irish name that means “son of the frisky one.”

  • jeff4justice

    US citizens can be indefinitely detained. Let’s fix that.

    Marijuana dispensaries are being shut down and users arrested. Let’s fix that.

    We’re in endless lie-based war. Let’s fix that.

    The NSA total surveillance society is out of control. Let’s fix that.

    The police state is out of control. Let’s fix that.

    Half the nation is in poverty. Let’s fix that.

    Minimum wage is in-effect slavery. Let’s fix that.

    GMO corporations may be destroying the human food supply. Let’s fix that.

    Obama’s financial team helped design worldwide economic destruction. (http://www.gregpalast.com/larry-summers-and-the-secret-end-game-memo/) Let’s fix that.

    The 2-party system charade = lie-based war, poverty, in-effect slavery, pollution, and eradication of human rights. Let’s fix that.

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