Obama Wins Miss.

By now you either know or have predicted this, but for those of you have didn’t or haven’t: Barack Obama swept through the Mississippi primary yesterday.

The Senator from Illinois took 59% of the votes, while competitor Hillary Clinton came in much lower with 39%. These numbers aren’t surprising: Mississippi’s got a large black population, which has become integral to Obama’s success. The Clintons know that, of course, and have repeatedly been accused of diminishing black Americans’ voice in this election, as Bill Clinton did when he reminded rally voters that Jesse Jackson won Mississippi. The former president made similar comments in South Carolina.

That said, blacks definitely helped Obama’s victory along yesterday, with an estimated 90% of melanin-blessed voters leaning toward the young upstart. What’s most interesting about the results, however, are these statistics:

: Six in 10 Obama supporters said he should pick the former first lady as his vice presidential running mate if he wins the presidential nomination. A smaller share of Clinton’s voters, four in 10, said she should place him on the ticket.

So, Clinton’s calls for a joint ticket aren’t really directed her voters, nor are they necessarily for Obama’s supporters. Most of Obama’s supporters are too enamored with their candidate to back Clinton, and her supporter likely see experience as a selling point. It seems to us that Clinton’s not addressing voters at all, but the superdelegates who will likely decide this race.