Obama Wins Potomac, Hillary Heads South

Barack Obama cleaned house in the Potomac Primary yesterday.

The Senator from Illinois trounced competitor Hillary Clinton in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Obama’s win shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise: all three regions have large black populations, which have helped Obama take the lead over the past few weeks. While his traditional base may have secured Obama’s win, something new seems to be taking place: women and white voters are headed to Obama, a development that could spell disaster for Hillary Clinton. From MSNBC:

In Virginia and Maryland, Obama and Clinton were splitting whites almost evenly, according to an exit survey conducted for The Associated Press. Even white women were beginning to move toward Obama – Clinton won 60 percent of their votes, a much lower percentage than in contests past. Clinton has based her candidacy in large part on her appeal to white women.

In addition to his usual strong showing among young voters, Obama was also running about even among those over 65, a group Clinton usually dominates.

Clinton has had a rough few days. First the Senator revealed she loaned herself $5 million to survive the primary season, then two senior advisers bounced from her campaign.

Some are saying Clinton’s dead in the water. If the Clintons have taught us anything, however, it’s that they’ve got the fighting spirit. Mrs. Clinton is currently in Texas, a state she desperately needs to win if she wants to stay in this race. The Lone Star state’s Latino voters may be her saving grace. So, too, will Ohio’s working class citizens. The former first lady has held a lead in these groups since the beginning of the election season. If Obama’s able to cut into her support, however, Hillary may need to take a fresh approach – or accept defeat.

Regardless of what people – including ourselves – say, this fight’s far from over. Hillary’s not giving up any time soon, so Obama better not get too cocky about a potential win.


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