Obama’s Abercrombie Moment: Part Deux

We’re loathe to readdress Barack Obama‘s Abercrombie moment, but here’s a quote from the NY Times that supports our theory: the campaign placed the t-shirt trio behind Obama to woo white, middle-class or working-class voters:

They were asked by the Obama campaign to join the crowd behind the candidate.

Virtually all campaigns strategically select the audiences who appear behind their candidate so as to send a message to television viewers. The talk on television that night from the Pennsylvania primary was about Mr. Obama’s difficulties in attracting white, working-class voters, although Mr. Obama’s audiences often feature white people.

No word from Obama’s campaign on whether the attire had an impact on placement.

Meanwhile, the men – who refuse to be interviewed, surprisingly – told the Times that they always wear Abercrombie and thought nothing of the fact that they were basically all wearing the same thing. Sad….