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Obama’s Anti-Bullying Efforts Are Bullying The Good Christians At FRC

It’s ironic that when the President was trying to push this bullying program that he cited that he was once bullied as a child, because that’s exactly what his policies are leading to, is bullying by the federal government and by a homosexual agenda that seeks to make children hide their Christianity and their religion in the closet and to silence those who would speak out against what they don’t believe

—Tom McClusky, the Vice President of Government Affairs for the Family Research Council, knows Obama’s anti-bullying efforts are really just a way to attack devout Christians [via]

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  • Lvng1tor

    Do these “Christians” stone there daughters and wives for talking back to the male leaders? Just wondering.

  • Holy Shit!

    There is nothing remotely “Christian” about abusing and dehumanizing people. To cry “God” in an attempt to legitimize cruelty is just extremely dishonest. If Jesus existed and he lived today, there is no way he would be standing behind this ignorant, arrogant asshole and the ideology of hatred that he represents.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    Man up Tommy! You’re a big, paranoid drama queen.

    For the record, I would never want to take away your right to spout off your idiocy. The more you talk, the more the public favors recognizing my full civil rights.

    BTW, since you are a “portly” gentleman, it would probably be better if you didn’t wear horizontal stripes. Calls attention to the unflattering girth.

  • Mike

    …blah blah blah blah,…blah blah blah.

    (at least that’s what I heard in my mind when I read it)

  • Shannon1981

    This man is an idiot. Where does anyone say people have to hide being Christian? We just want them to leave people alone. They can wallow in ignorance all they want, but when that ignorance threatens the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of others, it is a problem. What is so difficult to understand about that?

  • Steve

    Boy oh boy, straight, white, Christian men just have it SO TOUGH, I’m telling you.

  • D Smith

    @Holy Shit!: actually, your statement belies the fact that you either have not read or did not understand the bible. the characters in this sorry waste of paper are horrific and sociopathic throughout the majority of the book… with conflicting and contradictory accounts of jesus being the only thing of any redeeming value within its covers.

    but i could be wrong… then again being told that its ok to commit genocide on a neighboring city state because they do not follow the same religious could be what is confusing me. (and yes, this is in the bible)

  • greenmanTN

    So Otis The Drunk found Jesus, left Mayberry, and became a professional homophobe for the FRC? I bet Floyd The Barber sure misses his liquor-fueled walks on the wild side!


  • D Smith

    oh and i did also forget to point out that:

    you can sell your daughters into slavery
    survivors of war become slaves
    we must stone to death people who backtalk to their mothers and fathers
    inter sexed children should have their head bashed out against walls
    shellfish is evil and lobsters await you in hell
    football is an unclean sport and can get you sent to hell (hmmm skin of a dead pig)
    wearing fabrics of different colors is an abomination!
    the earth was created before the stars
    trees and herbs are in fact meat
    people used to live for hundreds if not thousands of years
    offering your daughters up for rape in place of male house quests is acceptable
    you can in fact build a tower to get into heaven… but god hates visitors
    that there is a location on earth undiscovered as of yet that is guarded by angels with flaming swords, and serpents that can survive off of eating dust
    birds are four legged animals
    leprosy is curable by properly sacrificing a bird
    all of the world can be seen from the top of an exceptionally tall mountain
    two of EVERY animal in the world can fit within a space no bigger then 450 ft by 75 ft
    zombies really really love you… and not just for your brain
    jesus was white
    the core of the planet contains monstrous goat men who like to stab your butt with a pitchfork
    schizophrenia is curable by having a magic man splash you with water and read out loud
    the crimes committed by your ancestors effect your genetic structure… but only for 2 generations, or forever in the case of the first murderer
    and so on and so on and so on…

    its the bible or scientific rationalism, your choice.

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