But Not Really

Obama’s “Anti-Gay” Gospeler Sets Story Straight

Donnie McClurkin’s not homophobic. He’s just misunderstood. Well, that’s what he says, at least.

The preacher, who Barack Obama tapped for his “Embrace The Change” tour, may have implied that homosexuality can – and should – be changed, but he wants the world to know he’s no anti-gay. He tells the Chicago Tribune:

I don’t believe that even from a religious point of view that Jesus ever discriminated toward anyone, nor do I. Most of the things that were said were totally out of context and then other things weren’t true.

My only concern is to be in place with Sen. Obama in unity and bring all the factors together for the sake of change. That’s my only thing. Of course some agents have twisted it as though he [Obama] were embracing a racist or a Nazi, and that is anything but true.

Actually, no, people thought the presidential candidate was embracing a homophobic “ex-gay” preacher”. McClurkin also insists that he’s not on an anti-gay crusade….

There’s never been a statement made by me about curing homosexuality. People are using that in order to incite anger and to twist my whole platform on it. There’s no crusade for curing it or to convert everyone. This is just for those who come to me and ask for change.

Lies. We saw that piece in Charisma in which McClurkin writes, “I believed that I was meant to be a whole man, made for one woman, and God brought it all about. I am delivered, and I know God can deliver others too.” That sounds like a recruitment to us. And, of course, let’s not forget that McClurkin blames his homosexuality on being molested. Classy.