Obama’s Gay Backers Seeking Some Payback

Barack Obama owes at least part of his success to the LGBT community, who donated and voted for him en masse, and now the President is being called on to put that queer money where his mouth is.

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin told The Washington Post that the HRC would love to see an openly gay cabinet member and an openly gay ambassador to a G-20 nation, meaning a major player in the game of global chess.

“Our government, particularly in this administration, looks like America,” Griffin said. “And it’s important to have a cabinet that looks like America.”

That administration also includes some gays that know how to snatch up some serious dollars, hunty:

A dozen members of his national finance team are gay, and we’re hearing that they collectively outraised other “affinity groups” — categories like “Latinos” or “trial lawyers” — represented on the team.

And, as the Post points out, there’s no shortage of gays to choose from, including “power couple Michael Smith, the famed decorator, and HBO exec James Costas” for ambassadorships and “John Berry, the director of the Office of Personnel Management, and Fred Hochberg, president of the Import-Export Bank,” for Cabinet positions.


Photo: ewee