Obama’s ‘Gay Rights Adviser’ (And Lobbyist) Robert Raben Loves To See DoJ Defending DOMA

If Robert Raben, the attorney and lobbyist who worked in the Clinton administration’s Justice Department, is truly “a gay-rights adviser close to the Obama team,” it only further demonstrates the type of ridiculous legal theory the White House is employing in defending DOMA.

“[I]t would be a wonderful fantasy to live in a world in which I and the people who agree with me get to decide which laws the Justice Department defends, but it’s not a world I would want to live in,” says Raben, who was named to Washington Life‘s Power 100 last year, when pitted against Richard Socarides, the Clinton administration’s LGBT adviser who suddenly found his critic’s voice. “We have a beautiful opinion from one of the 900+ federal district judges. At some point in the very near future, a fantastic district court judge in say Jacksonville, Florida, is going to strike down health-care reform as unconstitutional and those of us on the left would be furious if the Department of Justice relied on this one judge’s opinion to stop enforcing the mandates of the Health-Care Reform Act.”

Missing from Raben’s logic fail, of course, is the little part about DoJ regularly picking and choosing which laws to defend based on whether it thinks they’re constitutional.

But what else would you expect from Raben, whose firm The Raben Group serves as lobbyists for the Human Rights Campaign, the ultimate in Obama sympathizers? Raben has a history of coming to the defense of the Obama administration. Which makes sense: Why else would he have raised huge sums of money for the Obama campaign?