Obama’s Road Trip West Is Too Jam Packed for Civil Rights


“Sonia Sotomayor’s life is proof that all things are possible. And when she ascends those marble steps to assume her seat on the highest court of the land, America will take another important step towards realizing the ideal that’s chiseled above its entrance: Equal justice under the law.” Those were some of the words Barack Obama delivered last night in Las Vegas at political fundraiser. And no, he was not delivering a stand-up routine. You wouldn’t be faulted for thinking it was a comedy act, since that whole “equal justice under the law” thing was not followed up with even a single mention about Prop 8, which assured the hundreds of thousands of gays living in California would not receive equal justice under the law.

Obama carried on about important things like fuel efficiency standards and improving education, notes Patrick Range McDonald, but had exactly zero time to devote to Americans’ civil rights. Literally, not a single word, which is even less than Press Secretary Robert Gibbs offered yesterday.

Will that be the case today in Los Angeles when Obama hits the Beverly Hills Hilton? Demonstrators, who will be rallying outside the hotel today beginning at 6pm, certainly hope not.