Objections Begin Over Gay Nup Children’s Book

“Concerned” citizens are already bitching about Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, a children’s book about gay marriage:

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, the children’s book about a young guinea pig named Chloe and her uncle who marries his boyfriend, has received its first challenge.

A patron at Douglas County Libraries in Colorado asked that the book either be removed from the shelves, placed in a special area, or labeled “some material may be inappropriate for young children.”

It’s a children’s book! How bad could it be?!

Meanwhile, Library honcho James LaRue isn’t taking the right-wing bait, telling the complainer that it’s a library “job” to have contentious books.

Libraries, he points out, don’t endorse books. They allow “access to the many different ideas of our culture, which is precisely our purpose in public life.” Word.

[PS: We still think the “guinea pigs” look like gerbils.]