Office nightmare

The objects on Donald Trump Jr’s desk are hilarious

Days before taking office, Donald Trump shared this photo of his desk, a tall stack of his just-released Time magazine cover issue taking front and center among the assorted clutter:

So what if the article inside wasn’t exactly flattering (and that’s putting it lightly)? Details, details.

Well now his progeny, Donald Jr., has revealed an equally un-zen workspace.

And wouldn’t you know it? The star of this still-life happens to be Don Jr. himself:

Twitter was quick to point out that among the oddly front-facing photos adorning his desk was a solo picture of himself. It’s also the biggest photo of the bunch, and we have to assume the most amazing, fantastic and incredible, too.

But there’s even more to ponder.

Like what are those giant scissors for?

And what’s with the bobble-head of Dad?

Some theories were floated:

But as one person pointed out, none of this should be all that surprising: