Obligatory Introduction Post

Sorry I haven’t come around to introducing myself sooner, but I wanted to focus on not sucking (look at the fodder I’m giving the commenters already) before saying, “Hello.”

I’m really excited to join the Queerty community as your editor. I’ve been a fan of the site for a long time and I think its role as an independent source of gay news and also just plain cool stuff is an important one. I say “community”, because that’s how I see the site and I will depend on you to let me know what stories you want to see, what works and of course, to tell me when I screw up. We’re not always going to agree on everything, but my goal is to facilitate a discussion about our community, which is larger than any single one of us. I know I have big shoes to fill with Andrew’s departure and I hope you’ll bear with me as I get started.

A little about myself: I came out when I was 16 in Massachusetts. I wasn’t even the first kid out in my school and being gay’s never been a big deal for me. I went to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for Dramatic Writing before dropping out to get a fancy union job at ABC. After optioning a pilot, I moved to L.A. where I direct  videos (most recently the BCBG Fall Campaign ads) and work as a journalist for Out, The Advocate and Salon. In my spare time, I go to southern Utah to hike and canyoneer (like rock climbing, but in reverse and with swimming). I directed a documentary on religious roadside attractions in America (the world’s largest 10 Commandments, Noah’s Ark built to biblical scale in western Maryland–that sort of thing) and I’m a huge history buff. I like puppies.

About the name– As some of you have gathered from my imdb page, it’s not my legal one. When I started writing gay stuff in high school, it bothered my parents who were afraid I would embarrass them (their views, as they say, “have evolved” since then). So, I started writing under a pen name. When I moved out to L.A. I was having script meetings and it became lame to repeat over and over again, “Actually it’s not my real name”, so I went with it and it stuck. Contrary to popular rumor, saying my name three times in a row will not exile me to your train set.

I’ll be upfront with you. You may not like everything I post and talk about, but I will always be willing to engage in substantive discussion. I’m slightly terrified of the commenters, to be honest. “You have bad breath” is neither witty, funny or true unless I’ve been making pasta–which I won’t be making for you anytime soon, jerk. But I like the back and forth of blogging. I hope to introduce some more original reporting on the site and I think it’s important that gay media focus on both the good and the bad of our community. I’m willing to have my beliefs challenged if you are. If you aren’t, I promise there’ll always be Morning Goods.

It’s an interesting time to be taking over the reins at Queerty. I’ve been out protesting the last few nights here in L.A. and it’s been inspiring. A lot of the questions you’re asking in the comments are coming up in the protest lines– from whether gay marriage is really that important to what we did wrong to where to go next. It’s incredibly inspiring and the most common thing I hear, the place these conversations keep coming back to is “This is the civil rights struggle of our generation.” We’re angry, but we’re also certain we are on the right side of history. “Pride” has always been an amorphous concept to me and something I’ve never seen reflected in the annual bacchanalia parades we throw each June, but I saw it this weekend– and I see a new beginning for the gay community. I also am very much aware that this struggle is part of a much longer story and I’m humbly grateful for the people who have marched and fought and died before me.

I’m thoroughly convinced that we will win this battle. I’m convinced that we are collectively some of the most resourceful, passionate and dedicated people on Earth. I’m also convinced that it will take a lot of hard work and self-examination for us to get there. I look forward to joining you here and on the streets as we write the next chapter of our story.

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  • axn

    oh… another white boy…

  • J

    welcome! can’t wait to see what you do with the site…and btw u are hot :)

  • gothampunk

    good to meet you.
    looking forward to some canyoneering through the hodge podge that is lgbtqetc… news and worthy of note

  • mama

    you are great japhy! Keep it up, nice first day of posts and introduction

  • nikko

    Welcome and congrats. Oh, and you’re oh-so-cute!!!

  • kelly

    You’ll have your hands full with this crowd.

  • Smartypants

    Welcome aboard. You sound as well-prepared as a person can be for this job. I’m definitely liking your first posts. You got a good attitude and perspective on this.

    Having worked in and around the glbtetc (btw, love the new acronym Gothampunk – do we pronounce it glib-tec?) for…too damn many years…I’ll say good luck and have fun. You might also want to check with Aussiebum to find out when their new line of kevlar undies arrives.

    All the best to you.

  • Daniel

    Well – you got it right with the post of Nick Youngquest. And others are right – you are way cute. Keep your chin up – those posters get worked into a frenzy!

  • Smartypants

    Ech! That should be, “you’ve got a good attitude and perspective.”

  • marc

    If you have a picture of yourself in a jock I would love to see you as tomorrows Morning Goods

  • Paul

    The self deprecation is adorable. And who doesn’t love a man who likes puppies? Best of luck!

  • Allen

    Great to meet you!

    Smart and adorable?? I’m SO there! :D

  • Kid A

    You’re cute as hell and I love the articles so far. Thanks for taking the reins!

  • Alexa

    I like the intro, looking forward to what you have to say. I’m going to miss Andrew’s typos and grammatical errors, though ;-)

  • FielMedic

    Great to have you here at Queerty, btw, will you be keeping up your vlogs on afterelton.com, if not, it’d be nice if you transitioned them to here as I always enjoyed your insightful and witty insights.

  • rob

    you had me at “big shoes to fill”.

  • Spud

    Welcome! Don’t let the comments get you down. I, for one, look forward to seeing your stamp on the site.

  • ggreen

    Let’s see disapproving parents & likes to visit Utah = M-O-R-M-O-N?

  • Paul Raposo

    After optioning a pilot, I moved to L.A.

    Oh, lovely. An L.A. douchebag.

    …I go to southern Utah…

    That explains your defense of the indefensible.

    I directed a documentary on religious roadside attractions in America…

    Ok, that’s it.

    And that sound is Queerty circling the drain.

  • Matt

    @Paul Raposo: The guy just started. Cut him some slack. What’s your deal? Be a little open minded.

  • Tim

    I agree with Kelly above,
    As long as you keep Men-sar, Church lady, other trolls, and possibly Paul Raposo, yikes man its his first day! in check you’ve got my support.
    Good Luck,
    you’re gonna need it!

  • Chris

    Good to see an old friend doing so well! Best wishes from back in cold New York.

  • Insideguy

    I have been reading and watching your work since you were at Frontiers. At times I find you witty and indightful and occassional(you are right)I disagree with you. I probably won’t call you out on it because I DO believe in the right of free spech, and, while I am fairy laissez faire about such things I will also, defend your right to say it. To paraphrase, Penn Gillette, “Voters in favor of Proposition 8 aren’t stupid, they are just wrong.”

    Welcome aboard Cap’n Japhy,


  • Qjersey

    Well in the spirit of bitchy commenting:

    1) Yes you are doable

    2) journalist for Out, The Advocate and Salon, oh yeah stunning vanguards of quality journalism with “cheap newbie of the week” writers.

    4) “about the name” well mr Editor, you didn’t introduce yourself, had to scroll down to the “Tagged” to see what your name is

    5) “Japhy” what were you high on coming up with that one. Hopefully he got it from Kerouac, but not clever, kinda trite.

    6) “In my spare time, I go to southern Utah to hike and canyoneer (like rock climbing, but in reverse and with swimming)”

    What is it with gay men who constantly have to say something to promote their masculinity! “I can enage in witty reparte, but I’m outdoorsy”

    7) “Pride” has always been an amorphous concept to me and something I’ve never seen reflected in the annual bacchanalia parades we throw each June”

    OH great another post gay self centered twink who obviously is only focused on the parties at pride and not the thousands of people who march for LGBT and HIV organizations (and the thousands of people of color who come out for the parade, at least in NYC, although “pride” is somehow a “white” thing. Have you ever sat through an entire pride parade?

    I’ll spare calling you an ungrateful little bitch. If it weren’t for Pride parades you wouldn’t have the luxury of being “post gay”

    8) is enough

  • nle_08

    Welcome aboard from a fellow Angeleno Japhy! It’s great to have an editor who will be situated at the heart of the gay rights movement in California over the next several months. Can’t wait to read everything. Maybe we’ll bump into you out in West Hollywood sometime soon.

  • Insideguy

    I have been reading and watching your work since you were at Frontiers. At times I find you witty and indightful and occassionally(you are right)I disagree with you. I probably won’t call you out on it because I DO believe in the right of free spech, and, while I am fairy laissez faire about such things, I will also, defend your right to say it.

    To paraphrase, Penn Gillette, “Voters in favor of Proposition 8 aren’t stupid, they are just wrong.”

    Welcome aboard Cap’n Japhy,


  • mama

    well isn’t Qjersey big for his britches, calm the fuck down people

  • Paul Raposo

    The guy just started. Cut him some slack. What’s your deal? Be a little open minded…other trolls, and possibly Paul Raposo, yikes man its his first day!

    Matt, Tim, along with my gardar, I have douchedar and this guy is pinging it big time. The douchedar never lies.

  • Jack E. Jett

    Excellent choice….Jossip and David.

    Very cool.

    Let the shindiggery begin.

  • Stenar

    YAY! Somebody who likes Utah. FYI: Mormon membership in Utah is at an all-time low (only 60% of the state–and not all of those are active in the church). Salt Lake City hasn’t elected a Republican Mayor since 1971… that’s right, we’ve had only Democratic mayors for 33+ years now. The Mormon population of SLC is only about 25% (but prolly 50% of those who aren’t Mormon were raised Mormon–and actively vote against Mormon interests).

  • Bitch Republic

    I hope you have an A.P. Style Manual somewhere handy and have some credible experience with editing, as Andrew was hopeless and embarrassing.
    By the way, commas go inside quotation marks, not outside.

  • audiored


    Now that I know you’re hot, I’m going to respect everything you say. =)

  • What a crock

    Just what the gay community needs. Another fucked up gay Mormon who can’t stand himself, much less other gay people. Yes, Japhy, the Mormon religion is about as fucked up as a religion can get. Your defense of them is proof positve that “bad breath” is the least of your problems. Why in the world would Queerty hire this dude? Was Michael Savage not available?

  • mama

    uhh he’s not mormon, chill out

  • Erick

    Japhy! The site can only get better from here. Those who dont like to be challenged wont like it, but I think most of us do.
    Be advised there are some ahole commenter out there, get a thick skin if you dont already have one. But I know you do.

    Welcome and good luck.

  • Lexx

    He looks more like he’s Catholic rather than Mormon.

  • nonna

    He appears to be wearing a star of David around his neck, so he’s probably Jewish.

  • Jim

    @Qjersey: and you bother reading this blog becauuuuuse?

  • JJ

    @Paul Raposo: And you are the turd that made us flush!

  • Jim

    Jezus, what’s with all the personal attacks, assumptions about religion and criticism of HOBBIES (fer chrissakes!) greeting this benign introductory post? I can’t believe the negativity on this site today–you’d think McCain won the fuckin’ election or somethin’! Nice to see such a display of the bitchy behavior and caustic wish-I-truly-had-some wit our community is stereotypically known for. Way to go on reinforcing negative perceptions of gays.

    And btw, Bitch Republic, commas sometimes DO go outside of quotation marks, it depends on the usage, please check your AP book before making comments like that.

    Welcome aboard, bucky, lookin’ forward to your work!

  • Justin

    Welcome aboard!

  • burton21

    I loved your first day of posting! Welcome to this bizarre, twisted, highly dysfunctional family that is Queerty commenters. Don’t let the haters get you down… the fact that they judge you before you’ve even completed a week of work speaks more about them than you.

  • Paul Raposo


    JJ, next time you’re toilet trolling, take a closer look at the plumbing to learn the difference between a drain and a bowl.

    As far as turds, how do you keep them out of the way while you’re drinking–do you use your hand, or just swish your head around?

  • Bronson Page

    Congrats on the new spot, Japhy. Was great to see you again, and watch the returns… you human poll aggregator, you. xo, Bronson


    Welcome and good luck. I look forward to reading what you will be posting. And yes I will agree with most, you are hot

  • In the Fine Arts Library

    I haven’t noticed any blaring examples of poor grammar yet! that’s exciting!

  • Qjersey


    I read this blog because the stories of interest, not the manner in which they are reported

  • Beej the Pink Sheep

    Hi Japhy!
    I’m a big fan on Queerty and I’m very excited to see the unique perspective you will add to the site!

  • Michael vdB

    Oh, oh…the wit! The Wit! Here I thought I would lose my wit (which for me is better then a morning Tim Horton’s coffee…which I can’t get a Starbucks where I live – THE HORROR!) Anyways…where was I? Oh yea…The wit!

    In other words, welcome from one of the many Canadians that read this blog. If I comment on something in the future I will try to not be a bitchy queen that accuses anyone of having “bad breath.” I mean what is up with that?

    Again, welcome. You have the qualifications and the skill to do a fine job (and don’t let any of these bitches tell you otherwise).

  • mark

    hike in Utah???

    it’s a good thing you like puppies, just saying

  • ProtectMarriage

    Thanks for the introduction. After reading your clip about how you couldn’t stand protesting for Gay Marriage when the entity that donated 70% of fund to Yes on Prop 8 campaign was firmly called out I think 1 day is 1 day too many for you.


  • Phoenix (Rainbow Warrior With His Picket Sign In Hand)

    Welcome aboard Japhy Grant! And as Mark @ No. 50 pointed out: Puppies, good! Utah, the new Coors.

  • mark


    Funny you mention Utah and Coors, I go back to the early 1950s and learned to drink at 14 yo with my Mormon cousins in Salt Lake City…and it was Coors. Then my older brothers would stash Coors beer in the car back to our midwest home, because Coors wasn’t sold at home.

  • Jessa

    Yay Japhy! Let’s get tacos again sometime!

    On a more serious note, in talking to my folks since Election Day, it’s become evident to me that the liberal side of the Baby Boomer generation considers this the “civil rights movement of our generation” as much as we do. See you at City Hall?

  • Maharajah


    You son-of-a-b*tch. I MISSED YOU! Ok, you have to understand. I bitched at afterelton.com for not having you as one of their blogs in the heat of the moment. I was literally going to have a Japhy-driven fiending session. Aww, it’s soo great to see you again. Umm, so here’s my list of demands – we need more Indian boys on this site! Oh, and we can all agree – we need to see more of you. You are too cute to be hidden behind a screen!

    GO JAPHY!!!

  • InsideTheFire

    I guess you’ll doing a great job, I’m really looking forward to reading your writings!



    i have always enjoyed your blog posts on flaming politics – i welcome you to queerty and i look forward to your editorial management of the site! best wishes.


  • Johan

    Don’t let the molding fruits get to you and you’ll do just fine.

  • Dan

    Welcome! I love reading this site and I hope it continues to be fresh, no matter what direction it goes in. Also, in response to some postings and as a queer person of color, it doesn’t matter to me what your race is, along as you, like any other person, try your best to be fresh, original, and newsworthy. Bona fortuna!

  • Chris

    I find you minimally interesting. I’m quite sure if you weren’t the standard blond twenty something gaybot you wouldn’t have the job. Meh.

  • REBELComx

    Japhy, Great to have you on board. Though I agree with some others and would rather that picture be sans t shirt :~). I agree with you also that it’s time to challenge some of our own ideals and see what in our own community is holding us back, as well as taking on the oppressors. I so wish i was in CA right now helping with the protesting. The Lehigh Valley in PA doesn’t have enough queers to organize much of a march.
    Oh yeah, I’m still waiting to hear about Queerty’s hiring of a political cartoonist…
    Just saying.

  • Rod Hadley

    Throughly enjoy this site and look forward to seeing what you do with it. And of course it doesnt hurt that you are oooo so cute!

  • MichaelK

    Wow, there are some bitchy gays here, but we wouldn’t be gay without at least some bitchyness. Haha, but welcome to Queerty!

  • Michael in DC

    Welcome! You’re cute.

  • Gary

    Where did Andrew, the previous editor, go? I think that will be my new favorite blog from now on.

    You guys are right, this guy’s a douchebag.

  • Into the NIghtlife

    @axn: Hey dude? What the hell is your problem? That was fucking rude.

    White people aren’t allowed to have jobs anymore?

    Lose the chip on your shoulder.

  • Jheryn

    Welcome Japhy! Don’t be even slightly terrified of the those that comment on this board. Commenters such as PAUL RAPOSO, QJERSEY, and WHAT A CROCK are obviously compensating for something in their lives if name calling, inaccurate supposition and personal attacks are all they have to contribute. Especially when they are posting such things about a person they know nothing about. I am a huge supporter of constructive commentary and criticism, but the aforementioned people have none of that in their posts. I am almost positive they will also attack my post as well. That seems to be the pattern for those types.

    I enjoyed your self introduction. I too like to canyoneer and hike. I’m not mentioning this for some sophomoric need to assert how “masculine” I am, but simply because it is fun for me. What’s with all these gay men who constantly have to attack fellow gays if they enjoy sports and physical activity other than working out at the gym?

    What is the name of your documentary? Such a concept sounds very innovative. It is satisfying to know there are gay filmmakers who can objectively produce something other than documentaries on porn and circuit parties. Additionally, it is also nice that you are willing to choose subjects other than gay issues. Nothing is more attractive to me than a man who can carry a conversation broaching a wide range of matters and not just solely gay concerns. It shows that you are well rounded. Not that I don’t believe gay topics are unimportant, because they are. It seems pretty blatantly obvious how important these issues are to Japhy by what he is providing for us here, and at “Out” and at “The Advocate.” I for one am thankful that Queerty’s new editor is a man who can speak to anything in an intelligent and objective fashion.

    One last comment on your introduction. I had no idea that you were “another fucked up gay Mormon who can’t stand himself” as WHAT A CROCK posted. I could not find anywhere in your article where you mentioned you were like that or even gave that impression. You seem very witty, intelligent and well adjusted to me from what you have written. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough for something to be hateful about.

    Again, welcome Japhy. I hope your tenure at Queerty is all you would like it to be.

  • Mark_in_Belgium

    Welcome, Japhy, from an American (Obama supporter) in Belgium. Queerty is one of my regular sources for community news, and I hope your stewardship of the site doesn’t lead me to change that. — Mark

  • pork


    imagine if the new editor was a black man and this comment read “oh…another black boy.”

    the superficial judging and decision making based on looking at a picture of someone is enough to make me feel that there will never be progression with human relations.

    yes, another white boy. AND?!

  • Bitch Republic


    Yes, I know commas do sometimes go outside of quotation marks, but it’s not as often as when they go inside. I figured if Japhy had a style manual, he’d know when to do one or the other. I made the comment because he put commas on the wrong side of the quotation mark in this post.

  • roger

    Welcome! And pay NO ATTENTION to the bitchy queens who are ALREADY calling for your head. And not in a good way…..

    I’m fairly new to this site and to this world, but you seem to be a perfect fit here. Keep up the already great work!


  • Trevor

    Welcome to the site. I am an avid reader from Canada. I have to agree that there are many bitchy people leaving comments here. I think thats just wrong for your first day. I wish you all the best with your new position, and look forward to reading your posts.


  • Carter

    Correction: You DO have bad breath. You haven’t visited a dentist in years and your halitosis is notorious in Los Angeles. Ask anyone who has EVER met you and if he’s honest, he’ll tell you how tell you how truly terrible your breath is. A compromise has been made by making you the editor of this website.

  • Tin Tin

    carter , whether or not it’s true, it’s fucking rude of you to air your grievances out publicly you pathetic petty faggot

  • nikko

    I can’t believe how rude the majority of comments are here-god I hate a gay clientele. I served at a bathhouse for years and would have loved to bash a few. No excuse for your rudeness guys- makes me want to be a bible basher-actually most of you would benefit from having a more christian attitude and not the arrogant, vile manner in which you express yourself, stupid trolls.

  • L.A.

    yummy. Why are there no cute guys like you in my life?

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @No.49 Michael vdB

    Have you heard the story about the queer king….
    who was always at his wit’s end? ;-)

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